Theological education resources

Throughout its life and work TEAC has had a particular interest and concern for improving the teaching of the teaching of ‘The Anglican Way’ in theological education. Both the Aim and Rationale of TEAC make this clear.

More resources will be added to the page during 2019.

Mission Theology in the Anglican Communion

TEAC is helping to prepare the Anglican Communion for the Lambeth Conference in 2020 by taking on and completing the Mission Theology in the Anglican  Communion project. This project has organised three intercontinental conferences of global South theologians.

TEAC is now publishing the conference books which are on the Archbishop of Canterbury’s three priorities of reconciliation, evangelism and the renewal of prayer and the religious life.  The first two books – on reconciliation and evangelism - are being launched at ACC17 in Hong Kong in April 2019. The third - on the renewal of prayer and the religious life - is to be published in early 2020. The books are being published by the Anglican Communion Office and by Forward Movement in the United States.


Bibliographies of books on Anglican Studies

There are two bibliographies available of key books on Anglican studies.

  • A booklist of key texts on Anglican Studies which TEAC believes should be in the library of all theological institutions training people for the ordained Anglican ministry.
  • A booklist designed with lay people in mind.


Web resources

TEAC will produce a page which gives web references for the original texts and writings produced by a number  important classical Anglican figures (e.g. Richard Hooker, Lancelot Andrews).  On the Project Canterbury website  you will also find a wider range of references and resources linked to many figures in the history of Anglicanism.

Our page of theological resources also gives a number of references to helpful material linked to various aspects of Anglican studies e.g. liturgy, doctrine, history.