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Section III.11 - Religious Freedom

Resolution III.11

Religious Freedom

This Conference challenges Anglicans, as servants of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour -

  1. to respect the rights and freedom of all faiths to worship and practise their ways of life;
  2. to work with all people of good will to extend these freedoms of worship, religious practice and conversion throughout the world;
  3. to stand by those who are being persecuted for their faith by our prayers, protests and practical support;
  4. to enter into dialogue with members of other faiths, to increase our mutual respect and explore the truths we hold in common and those on which we differ;
  5. to witness to our faith in the reconciling and saving activity of God in our Lord Jesus Christ working in us now through the power of the Holy Spirit; and
  6. to equip ourselves for our witness, dialogue and service by becoming better versed in the teaching and practice of our own faith, and of at least one other faith.

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