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Section II.8 - Young People

Resolution II.8

Young People

This Conference;

  1. recognises and celebrates the dynamic work of God among young people, and their infinite value in the human family. They are for us in the church, as they were for Jesus, signs of the Kingdom of God among us. Their presence and ministry in the church is essential for the whole family of God to be complete. As adults, we confess with deep humility and sorrow that the adult world has created children of war, children abused by neglect and sexual exploitation, and children who are victims of aggressive advertising. In joyful obedience to God we reaffirm our apostolic commitment to all young people everywhere.
  2. recognises the faithful and creative work by many Church members in ministry with children both within and beyond the church's borders
  3. resolves, for the health and welfare of the whole Church;
    1. that the bishops of the Anglican communion will commit themselves, and will give leadership in their diocese, to ensure that the church is a safe, healthy, and spiritually enriching community for children and young people;
    2. that the bishops will give more attention to the furtherance of ministry to children as a recognition of their importance to God and as a foundation for all future ministry;
    3. that the bishops will commit themselves to give significant time over the next twelve months to meet with young people in their dioceses, listening to them, praying with them searching the Scriptures and breaking bread together with them, and providing ways for them to be trained in leadership skills and to exercise that leadership in the life and mission of the church;
    4. that such meetings should open out into attempts to meet and hear young people who have not yet been touched by the Gospel;
    5. that teams of adults and young people in as many congregations as possible be trained for holistic ministry to young people outside the church, so as to speak of God's love in Christ in ways that can be heard, and that Christian young people be equipped, in the power of the Holy Spirit, for service in Church and Community;
    6. that young people should be helped to find or maintain their spiritual home in the Anglican Church by giving particular attention to matters of liturgy including the use of music and silence; and
    7. That urgent consideration be given to how best international Anglican networks of young people may be strengthened and serviced by the structures of the Communion.

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