Anglican Communion Ministries

The various Communion-wide ministries are shown here with details of what they do on your behalf.

ACO Secretariat

The Anglican Communion Office is located in London near Paddington Station in the central area of the city. The staff, led by the Secretary General, implements the ongoing work of Instruments of Communion, with principal areas of ministry being, Theological Education, Mission, Communication, Ecumenical and Inter-Faith Concerns. The ACO facilitates meetings and serve as staff for various international gatherings … More

Anglican Communion Office at the United Nations (ACOUN)

The Anglican Communion is represented at the United Nations both in New York and Geneva. … More

Unity Faith and Order

The work of the department for Unity Faith and Order covers a vast array of international dialogues as well as providing the framework for the creation of official reports and presentations. The Communion, through the Anglican Consultative Council, is in dialogue with Christians in Roman Catholic, Old Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant traditions … More

Continuing Indaba Project

A project focusing on developing the relational bonds of affection in the Anglican Communion. Its aim is to make real a common bond of working in mission as equal partners in the Gospel. The use of the term 'Indaba' indicates a desire to use non-Western models of working, and 'continuing' indicates an unfinished task. … More


The Mission Department exists to serve the Anglican Communion as it seeks to fulfil God's mission in God's world and add value to the life and ministry of the churches of the Communion. It can only do what otherwise cannot be done by individual churches  … More

Theological Education

A clear priority of the Archbishop of Canterbury is the support of theological education and excellence in the churches of the Anglican World. Various programmes have been created to help sustain educational institutions and supply them with materials needed for study and reflection … More