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Busan  Daughters of St Francis

Busan  Order of St Benedict Busan

Seoul  Society of the Holy Cross

DSF - Daughters of St Francis 

Contact Details

Name: Sister Theresa SSF  (Sisters of St Francis)
Address: 206 Eoamri, Miwonmyeon, Cheongwongun, Chungcheonbukdo, 363-872, Republic of Korea
Tel: +82 (0)43 2256 856

OSB - Order of St Benedict Busan 

Founded 1993

There has been an Anglican community in Seoul for many years, but it was the wish of Bishop Bundo Kim to establish a community in Busan - in the south of Korea. Thus it was that in 1993, the Order of St Benedict was founded in Busan City. In four years, sufficient money was raised by the Diocese to buy a more spacious, rural accommodation in Yangsan (to the north of Busan), offering more room for retreats, and for community and parish work.

Contact Details

Name: Sister Martha Han OSB  (Senior Sister, assumed office 1998)
Address: 810-1 Baekrok-ri, Habuk-myon, Yangsan-shi, Kyungnam, 626-860, South Korea
Tel: +82 (55) 384 1560
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SHC - Society of the Holy Cross 

Founded 1925

The community was founded on the feast day of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in 1925 by the Rt Revd Mark Trollope, the third English bishop of the Anglican Church in Korea, admitting Postulant Phoebe Lee and blessing a small traditional Korean-style house in the present site of Seoul. The Community of St Peter, a nursing order in Woking, Surrey, England, sent eighteen Sisters as missionaries to Korea between 1892 and 1950, who nourished this young community for a few decades. Sister Mary Clare CSP, who was the first Mother Superior of this community, was persecuted by the North Korean communists and died during the 'Death March' in the Korean War in 1950. This martyrdom especially has been a strong influence and encouragement for the growth of the community..

Our spirituality is based on a modified form of the Augustinian Rule harmonized with the Benedictine one. Bishop Mark Trollope, the first Visitor, and Sister Mary Clare CSP compiled the Divine Office Book and the Constitution and Rule of the Community. The activities that are being continuously practised even now include pastoral care in parishes, running homes for the elderly and those with learning difficulties, conducting Quiet Days, and offering people spiritual direction. We run a programme for vocation one weekend each month, and a spiritual prayer meeting and workshop monthly with people who want to improve their faithful life. We lead contemplation based on Ignatian Spirituality or Lexio Divina. We also have a programme of Biblio Drama for young people, clergy wives and laity.

Contact Details

Name: Sister Alma  (Reverend Mother, assumed office 1st January 2010)
Address: 3 Jeong-dong, Jung-ku, Seoul, 100-120, Korea
Tel: +82 (0)2 735 7832
Fax: +82 (0)2 736 5028
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