Provincial Directory - Religious Communities

Central Zimbabwe  Chita che Zvipo Zve Moto (Community of the Gifts of the Holy Fire)

Central Zimbabwe  Community of the Holy Transfiguration

Harare  Community of the Blessed Lady Mary

Harare  Community of the Divine Compassion

Manicaland  Chita Che Zita Rinoyera (Holy Name Community)


CZM - Chita che Zvipo Zve Moto (Community of the Gifts of the Holy Fire) 

Founded 1977

The Community is a mixed community of nuns and friars, founded by the Revd Canon Lazarus Tashaya Muyambi in 1977. On a visit to St Augustine's Mission, Penhalonga, he was attracted by the life of the CR fathers and the CZR sisters. With the inspiration of the Spirit of the Lord, he saw the great value in staring a Religious community.

The first three sisters were attached to St Augustine's for three months, Sister Gladys being the first admission on 14 May 1978. The first convent was officially opened in 1979 and the initial work was caring for orphans at St Agnes Children's Home.

In January 2000, Canon Muyambi stepped down from leadership, believing the community was mature enough to elect its own leaders, which it did in March 2000. The Community have a Rule, Constitution and are governed by a Chapter. They take vows of Love, Compassion and Spiritual Poverty. The Community is progressing well with young people joining every year. Each member is qualified or skilled in one trade or another.

Contact Details

Name: Sister Gladys CZM  (Archsister in charge, assumed office 10 March 2000)
Address: PO Box 138, Gokwe South, Zimbabwe
Fax: +263-059 2566

Other Addresses

Address: St Patrick's Mission Branch House, P. Bag 9030, Gweru, Zimbabwe

Address: Nyamuroro Kubatana Secondary School, P. Bag 002, Gokwe North, Zimbabwe


CHT - Community of the Holy Transfiguration 

Founded 1982

The Community started in 1982 with eight members. It is stationed at St David's Bonda Mission and is an open community. We assist the Church in the evangelistic work and other ministerial duties. We also run an orphanage with a maximum number of twenty-five children aged 0-6. We are a self-reliant - land tilling and poultry. We look forward to opening branch houses in the near future.

Contact Details

Name: Mother Winnie CHT  (Mother, assumed office 29 December 2000)
Address: St David's Bonda Mission, P Bag T7904, Mutare, Zimbabwe


CBLM - Community of the Blessed Lady Mary 

Founded 1983

Contact Details

Address: Shearly Cripps Childrens Home, PB600E, Harare, Zimbabwe


CDC - Community of the Divine Compassion 

Founded 1986

Contact Details

Address: PO Box 214, Nyanga, Zimbabwe


CZR - Chita Che Zita Rinoyera (Holy Name Community) 

Founded 1935

Our Community was started in 1935 by Father Baker of the CR Fathers at Penhalonga, with Mother Isabella as the founder. The CZR Sisters were helped by CR Sisters (Liz and Lois), and later by OHP Sisters (especially Lila, Mary Francis, Joyce and Hannah). When they left, Sister Isabella was elected Mother.

Today the CZR Sisters work at the clinic and at the primary and secondary schools. Some do visiting and help teach the catechism. We make wafers for several dioceses, including Harare. Some of the Sisters look after the church, seeing to cleaning and mending of the church linen.

In 1982, half the Sisters and the novices left CZR and created another community at Bonda. Six months later, some of those Sisters in turn went to found Religious Life at Harare. In 1989, some of the Bonda community left to go to Gokwe and begin Religious Life there. So CZR has been the forerunner of three other communities in Zimbabwe.

Contact Details

Name: Mother Isabella CZR  (Revd Mother, assumed office 12 December 1996)
Address: St Augustine's Mission, PO Penhalonga, Mutare, Zimbabwe
Tel: +263-(Penhalonga) 22217