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Dhaka  Christa Sevika Sangha (Handmaids of Christ)

Dhaka  Sisterhood of St Mary (Bangladesh)

CSS - Christa Sevika Sangha (Handmaids of Christ) 

Founded 1970
Registered Charity : No. 286615 (UK)

The Community was founded in 1970 and was under the care of the Sisterhood of the Epiphany until 1986, when its own Constitution was passed and Sister Susila SE was elected as Superior. The Sevikas supervise girls' hostels and a play-centre for small children. They also help in St Gabriel's School and supervise St Mary's Asroi (Home) at Barisal. The Community also produces for sale a wide variety of goods and produce.

Contact Details

Name: Mother Jharna CSS  (Sister Superior, assumed office June 2011)
Address: Jobarpar, Barisal Division, Uz Agailjhara, 8240, Bangladesh
Tel: +880 4315 4481

SSM - Sisterhood of St Mary (Bangladesh) 

Founded 1929

The community is located on the northern border of Bangladesh at the foot of the Garo hills in India. The community was formed in Barisal at the Sisterhood of the Epiphany, and was sent here to work among the indigenous tribal people, side by side with St Andrew's membership of the Sisterhood has always been entirely indigenous. The first sisters were Bengalis. The present sisters are the fruit of their work - four are Garo, one is Bengali. They take the vows of Poverty, Purity and Obedience and live a very simple life. They lead a life of prayer and formation of girls. They also look after the Church and do pastoral work among women and children in the Parish.

Contact Details

Name: Sisiter Mira Mankhin SSM  (Sister Superior, assumed office 2002)
Address: St Andrew's Mission, PO Haluaghat, Mymensingh, Bangladesh