The Holy Land Information Pages

Ecumenical Groups

Statements and documents produced by ecumenical groups with substantial Anglican participation. This section also lists a range of resources and projects used or supported by Anglicans, working together with other Christians.

22 August 2006 Heads of Churches in Jerusalem statement on Christian Zionsim

A number of Christian religious leaders in Jerusalem, including Rt Revd Riah Abu-el-Assal, Anglican bishop in Jerusalem, have produced a joint statement on Christian Zioinsm. It can be accessed here

World Council of Churches

  6 February 2006 Jerusalem Church Leaders call for International week of Church Action March 12-19, 2006 WCC

WCC Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel

The EAPPI is an initiative of the World Council of Churches. Its mission is to accompany Palestinians and Israelis in their non-violent actions and concerted advocacy efforts to end the occupation. Participants of the programme are monitoring and reporting violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, supporting acts of non-violent resistance alongside local Christian and Muslim Palestinians and Israeli peace activists, offering protection through non-violent presence, engaging in public policy advocacy and, in general, standing in solidarity with the churches and all those struggling against the occupation.

A number of Anglican Provinces have sent people, often working through ecumenical channels, to act an 'Accompaniers' on this Programme.

Churches for Middle East Peace is the website of an ecumenical US based resource organisation which ECUSA uses frequently to provide information for its work.

Israel-Palestinian Procon is a website which is a research project of the US based non-partisan, independent educational organisation Procon. It contains text based information and maps which the staff of the Network for Inter Faith Concerns of the Anglican Communion find useful in their work.