The Holy Land Information Pages

Web graphicThis website contains statements and documents produced by Anglican organisations dealing firstly with the issues relating to Israel/Palestine and secondly with the relationship between Christians, particularly Anglicans, and Judaism.

For resources and news on other inter faith concerns, see the website of the Network for Inter Faith Concerns of the Anglican Communion.

The reason for the setting up of this website, and the principles on which material is included is explained below


There has been considerable interest in recent years in Anglican views about the current political situation in Israel/Palestine. Although there are in fact a variety of views held both among Anglicans and among the world Jewish community, the issue also is perceived to have ramifications for Anglican-Jewish relationships.

This website seeks to gather together official Anglican documentation both on the Israel/Palestine situation and on Anglican relations with and attitudes towards Judaism, in order to

  • Enable current statements to be viewed in the perspective of Anglican interest in these subjects over a considerable period of time
  • Ensure that accurate information about the policies of Anglican churches and organisations can be properly disseminated

The site therefore seeks to be selective in what it includes, and focuses on official statements and reports etc. It does not seek to include ‘news’.


Clare Amos
Director of Theological Studies