To be an informed Anglican, the following resources could prove to be of utmost importance in your ministry and work. It is our hope you will share the availability of this material with others.

Anglican Communion News Service • ACNS

The main news service of the Anglican Communion, ACNS, gathers its material from that sent from official sources within the Provinces. Materials here are those of an official nature, with communications staff around the world, being in regular contact with the London office. Thousands receive the ACNS stories and material is then used in publications and websites globally … More

Anglican Communion News Service Digest

The digest allows for the immediate transfer of information at any time, night and day, through the website. Stories are culled from the periodicals and websites of our churches … More

Anglican Cycle of Prayer • ACP

The voice of prayer is never silent in an international Communion. The ACP encourages mutual responsibility and inter-dependence in the body of Christ through prayer on a daily basis. The prayer intentions are often incorporated in parish or diocesan prayer cycles … More

Provincial Directory

Accurate contact information as well as basic statistics are part of the Provincial Directory. The material is provided bv the local province, and is updated by them and by us, on a regular basis. This information is critical for the informed churchperson … More

Anglican Communion Information Service • ACIS

The Information Services provide differing materials, brochures, photos and library material that can be used freely by all … More


A consultation of liturgical experts from the various Provinces of the Anglican Communion meets on a regular basis creating guidelines and suggestions for liturgical work in the Communion  … More

Anglican Provincial News Service • APNS

The Anglican portal allows the instantaneous sharing of information generated at the local provincial level and made available to all through the principal Anglican Communion website … More

Religious Communities

The religious communities of monks, friars, nuns, lay and ordained, are those dedicated to lives of service and prayer for others. Anglican religious can be found in many provinces and often are part of a community where spiritual direction and retreats are on offer to all … More