Anglican Communion Networks

Here is a list of the various self-funding networks that help profile various areas of interest in the Anglican world at large

Anglican Health Network • AHN

The Anglican Health Network (AHN) aims to facilitate communication and cooperation between Anglicans who are providing health services around the world. It will provide forums to share experience and best practice, and manage donor and insurance programmes to deliver new investment. In this endeavour it also seeks to make connections with its healing ministries to encourage a more holistic approach to well being.  … More

Anglican Indigenous Network • AIN

The Anglican Indigenous Network (AIN) is one of the Networks of the worldwide Anglican Communion. It traces its historic beginnings to the 1991 General Convention of the Episcopal Church in Phoenix, Arizona where the first step was taken toward forming a network of indigenous Anglicans  … More

Anglican Peace and Justice Network • APJN

Peace and Justice mission: "our firm conviction that the Anglican Communion increase its presence in the regions and countries in conflict, and to be in solidarity with the affected local Anglican provinces and jurisdictions"  … More

Colleges & Universities of the Anglican Communion • CUAC

The Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion (CUAC) is a world wide association of over 120 institutions of higher education that were founded by and retain ties to a branch of the Anglican Communion. Along with its predecessor, Association of Episcopal Colleges (AEC) that consists mostly of the Episcopal colleges in the US, CUAC is committed to promoting cross-cultural contacts and educational programs … More

Anglican Communion Environmental Network • ACEN

In 1998 the bishops gathered at Lambeth expressed their concern that efforts to address such issues be given greater visibility and be better coordinated across the Anglican Communion. The Network is an attempt to do just that. After some initial work following ACC-11 in Dundee (1999), the Network received recognition as an official network of the Anglican Communion at ACC-12 in Hong Kong (2002) … More

Anglican Communion Safe Church Network • ACSCN

logo networks ACSCN ACSCN promotes the safety and welfare of all people involved in Anglican churches and ministries through the elimination and prevention of abuse, misconduct and the misuse of power by clergy, church employees and volunteers … More

Network for Inter faith Concerns • NIFCON

The Network for Inter Faith Concerns across the Anglican Communion. Through its Web site, we hope to keep you informed on events, courses and articles on Inter Faith matters and serve as a resource for you.  … More

International Anglican Family Network • IAFN

The International Anglican Family Network (IAFN) is one of the Networks of the worldwide Anglican Communion. It is a forum for the exchange of information about the challenges facing families in different countries and cultures and the practical work being undertaken by churches and individual Christians.  … More

International Anglican Womens Network • IAWN

IAWN, the International Anglican Women's Network, was formed in November 1996 to be the organization through which the voices of Anglican women would be reported to the Anglican Consultative Council. The IAWN Steering Group for 2009 - 2012 was elected in March 2009. The International Anglican Women's Network is one of the networks of the world wide Anglican Communion. Within official church structures, it reports to the Anglican Consultative Council.  … More

Réseau francophone de la Communion anglicane • RFCA

Le Réseau francophone, qui relie plus que 4 millions de personnes qui célèbrent en français à travers le monde, est un organisme officiel de la Communion anglicane.  … Plus d’infos