Anglican Communion Office at the United Nations (ACOUN) - HIVAIDS


We are creating awareness, providing as well as advocating for healthcare support and elimination of stigma. We work towards reduction of prevalence and to promote levels of decline in infections. We intend to form networks of health providers for better service delivery and coordination:

  • To advocate for a holistic approach, this includes safer sex practices, empowerment of women and youth.
  • To step up activities around effective care for local communities and voluntary counselling
  • To advocate for access to drugs and comprehensive treatment
  • To address the issue of brain drain that undermines patient/doctor ratios

We have documented the Anglican response to HIV/AIDS in Africa.

We have networks of clergy, laity, women and youth living with HIV/AIDS. We work in partnership to support AIDS orphans and child headed homes.

AUNO Geneva

AUNO Geneva aims to encourage more partnership on HIV & AIDS issues between international and public health agencies and the Anglican Communion.

In this vein, AUNO Geneva has undertaken a study of the Anglican response to AIDS – its nature and extent, together with lessons to be learnt at both global and local level - by focusing on Anglican work in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia.  The study provides a detailed description and analysis of Anglicans’ deep involvement in HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support.

AUNO Geneva will use the study as a tool to facilitate effective dialogue with bodies such as WHO & UNAIDS, but also as a way of sharing experiences, best practices and the ways forward for Anglicans responding to HIV/AIDS.

 Download the study here:


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