Theological Education - TEAC - Principles

TEAC commends the following Principles for Theological Education to the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Primates of the Anglican Communion and, through them, all serving Anglican Bishops.  TEAC does so in the firm belief that these are sound principles which can be applied to every part of the Communion and requests that Bishops be invited and encouraged to assent individually to these Principles.

The Principles are based on the Aims of TEAC as defined in November 2003 following consultation with the Primates in Brazil, May 2003.

Principles for Theological Education

Within our common life and worship

  • we will encourage a culture of teaching and learning across the Anglican Communion to support the life of all the baptized;
  • we will strengthen awareness of Anglican identity and promote an understanding of the Anglican way;
  • we will be a communion of Word and Sacrament, Christians who read and study the Bible together; and
  • we will strive to deliver theological education with professionalism and ecumenical awareness appropriate to context.

July 2005