Theological Education - IATDC

Communiqué September 2006

The Inter-Anglican Theological and Doctrinal Commission met between Monday, September 4th September and Sunday, 10th September at St Julian’s Retreat Centre, Limuru. The Commission is grateful for the warmth of the welcome from the staff of the Centre, from the Primate of the Anglican Church of Kenya, the Most Revd Benjamin Nzimbi, and for the work of Professor Esther Mombo and Professor Joseph Galgalo, of St Paul’s Theological College, Limuru, who were responsible for much of the local organisation in preparation for the Commission’s meeting. On the Sunday morning, members of the Commission worshipped with several local congregations.

The work of the Commission concentrated on three areas: continuation of the work of the Communion Study on which the Commission has been working since its formation in 2001, reflection on the proposal for an Anglican Covenant, and preparation for the 2008 Lambeth Conference.

The Commission received the responses to the third round of consultation undertaken with the bishops and theological institutions of the Anglican Communion during the early part of 2006. Four questions had been formulated by the Chairman which reflected the current situation of the Communion, and had been circulated for response. The Commission considered how responses received could be incorporated into its ongoing study, and hopes to move towards the publication of its report in 2007.

The Commission also produced a paper “Responding to a Proposal for a Covenant”, in which it reflected on the proposal of the Windsor Report for the establishment of an Anglican Covenant in the life of the Communion. The paper considers the biblical and ecclesiological background of the concept of covenant, and offers particular observations on how the concept of covenant might most fruitfully be employed in the development of a covenant for the Anglican Communion.

The Commission also gave attention to the invitation of the Archbishop of Canterbury to offer theological resources to the forthcoming Lambeth Conference for the equipping of bishops for their ministry and work. Work was undertaken to formulate a number of theses in relation to the Bishops’ ministry in fostering and upholding the Communion of all the baptised, and this work will be made available to the Saint Augustine’s Seminars which are undertaking preparatory work in relation to the Conference.

It is the intention of the Commission to meet again in September 2007 in Kuala Lumpur, where it will conclude its work on the Communion Study.

Those present in Limuru were:

The Rt Revd Professor Stephen W Sykes (Chair), Church of England
The Revd Dr Philip H E Thomas (Assistant to the Chair), Church of England
The Revd Canon Gregory Cameron (Secretary), Anglican Communion Office
The Revd Dr Victor R Atta-Baffoe, Church of the Province of West Africa
The Rt Revd Dr Samuel R Cutting, Church of North India
The Rt Revd Tan Sri Dr Lim Cheng Ean, Church of the Province of South East Asia
The Revd Professor Joseph Galgalo, Anglican Church of Kenya
The Revd Dr Bruce N Kaye, Anglican Church of Australia
Professor Esther M Mombo, Anglican Church of Kenya
The Rt Revd Dr Matthew Oluremi Owadayo, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)
The Revd Canon Luke Pato, Church of the Province of Southern Africa
The Revd Professor Stephen Pickard, Anglican Church of Australia
The Rt Revd Paul Richardson, Church of England
The Revd Dr Nicholas Sagovsky, Church of England
Dr Eileen Scully, Anglican Church of Canada
Dr Jenny Te Paa, Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand & Polynesia
The Rt Revd Dr N Thomas Wright, Church of England
The Rt Revd Hector ‘Tito’ Zavala, Anglican Church of the Southern Cone of America


Mrs Clare Amos, Anglican Communion Office
The Revd Dr A Katherine Grieb, The Episcopal Church
The Revd Canon Philip Groves, Anglican Communion Office

Administrative staff

Ms Gill Harris-Hogarth, Anglican Communion Office
The Revd Terrie Robinson, Anglican Communion Office