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Gift of Knowledge

Nine years ago a Church Mission Society Mission Partner's was given a gift of £250 to help children in need. The gift was used to enable eight children to go to Primary School for a year. The donor, was so moved that her gift had helped so many children to have a primary education, brought together a group of people who were also moved by the need of primary education. Together they supported more children with school fees and the 'Gift of Knowledge' was born.

CCPS Pupils
Carter's Charity Primary School

Just like God's love, a little spark can begin a blaze that continues to spread. The daughter of the original donor told her Primary School about the Gift of Knowledge and the Staff and pupils of Carter's Charity Primary School, in the Diocese of Blackburn began to support Gift of Knowledge. A second school, Fleetwood Charity Church of England School, Preesall, also joined this project.

FCPS pupils and teacher
Fleetwood Charity Church of England School

In the foothills of Mount Kenya in the heart of coffee plantations and vegetable farming is the Anglican Church of Kenya, Kabare Boy's Primary School. It was this school in the Diocese of Kirinyaga , Kenya, Africa that the two Primary Schools in England formed a link that would bring a whole new dimension to their schools in sharing a working together.

KBH school
Kabare Boy's Primary School

Carter's School pupils began to raise funds by competitions and Fleetwood's School pupils raised funds by paying 50p for non-uniform days. (These are days when pupils can come to school wearing their ordinary clothes as long as they give 50p to a Charity) Some of the pupils also belonged to St Oswald's Church Dramatists (SODS) who hold a special performance every year to raise funds. Gifts are sent to Kabare Boy's Primary School each year to pay for school fees (originally, but is now free in Kenya), uniforms, textbooks and stationary. It has enabled Kabare Boy's Primary School to renovate two classrooms to become a library and provide library books.

St Oswald's Dramatists
St Oswald's Church Dramatists

A small fund for emergency medical needs was also set up. When one of the sponsored children was found to have tuberculosis not only was all her medical costs covered but funding for a special diet. She was thrilled to get so may get well cards and small gifts from the pupils in England.

The Link has been strengthened by exchanging letters, drawings, gifts and videos of school life. For the pupils in these Schools Africa and Kenya have become closer together, they have become part of each other's world.