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The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand & Polynesia

Anglican Church Army in New Zealand

National Director: Captain Peter Lloyd

Address:  PO Box26-209 , Auckland , 1030 , New Zealand

Tel: +64 9 630 2282

Fax: +64 9 630 2201

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Web: www.ca-nz.org

Description of Organisation:

The Church Army of New Zealand exists to:
Know Christ, Make Him Known and help others do the same.

We do this by:

  • Training and encouraging the Church in the task of witnessing.
  • Training evangelists.
  • Providing specialist ministries in evangelism.

Programmes & Events:

  • P.I.P.A.. is a simple tool for witnessing.
  • Specialists ministries include three children's outreach teams; a ministry to emigrants of other faiths; an adventure sailing programme.

Area of work:  Australia and Pacific.

Number of staff:  27

Anglican Missions Board of the Church in Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia

Executive Officer: The Revd Robert Kereopa

Address:  32 Mulgrave Street , PO Box 12 012 , Wellington , New Zealand

Tel: +64 4 473 5172

Fax: +64 4 499 5553

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Web: www.angmissions.org.nz

Description of Organisation:

The Anglican Missions Board enables the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia, in a spirit of partnership, to share in the global dimension to Christ's mission of proclaiming the Gospel, nurturing believers, responding to human need, transforming society, and caring for creation. It achieves this by:

  • Challenging Christians constantly to enlarge their sense of mission.
  • Raising funds for global missions.
  • Resourcing associated Anglican mission agencies, Tikanga mission enterprises and partner Churches.

Programmes & Events:

Quarterly publication of Mission Action information on mission partners. Partners in Prayer (biannual) to encourage of prayer for mission partners and projects. Sermons notes for World Mission Sunday. (2nd Sun in June) Congregational donations distributed through grants to the Church Missionary Society NZ (incorporating the South American Missionary Society NZ) the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea, the Melanesian religious orders, Te Pihopatanga o Aotearoa, the Anglican Church of Tanzania and overseas educational institutions.

Area of work:   Australasia & Pacific, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tanzania

Number of staff:  5 staff no overseas personnel

Association of Anglican Women

President:  Jan Deavoll

Address:  6 Snell Place , Dallington , Christchurch , 8006 , New Zealand

Tel: +64 3 385 9327

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Description of Organisation:

Originated from the Mothers' Union. First branch outside of England was established in Christchurch in 1886. Firmly established throughout New Zealand by 1893. Mothers' Union function under the umberela of AAW.

  • To unite in prayer and participate in the mission of the Church.
  • To promote, safeguard and nurture Christian family life.
  • Became Association of Anglican Women , an autonomous organisation in 1969 .
  • Affiliated to the NZ National Council of Women and fundraising is through our Overseas & Outreach Department.

Programmes & Events:

Overseas and Outreach allocate grants for prjects that relate to 'Women and Children' - approved at our Triennual NZ AAW Conference. An emergency Fund is maintained for assistnce when need arises, eg floods, earthquakes etc.

Area of work:  East Africa, South Asia (Indian subcontinent), Australia and Pacific, South America, New Zealand

Number of staff:  Voluntary organisation

Latimer Fellowship of New Zealand

Executive Officer:  Ruth Wildbore

Address:  PO Box 31 025 , Christchurch , New Zealand

Tel: +64 (0)3 348 6473

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Web: www.latimer.org.nz

Description of Organisation:

The Latimer Fellowship is a voluntary society within the Anglican Church in New Zealand. The fellowship is a covenant partner in AFFIRM- Anglican for Faith Renewal Intercession & Mission.

  • Offers an evangelical Christian contribution to the discussion of contemporary issues.
  • Provides access to resources for the development of biblical perspectives.

Programmes & Events:

  • Annual William Orange Memorial lecture series.
  • Quarterly publication of Latimer Focus.
  • Weekly email Latimer Online.
  • Area of work:  New Zealand

    Number of staff:  1 and volunteers

    New Zealand Church Missionary Society (incorporating South American Missionary Society NZ)

    National Director: The Revd Steve Maina

    Address:  78 Peterborough St , Christchurch , 8144 , NEW ZEALAND

    Tel: +64 (0)3 377 2222

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    Web: www.nzcms.org.nz/

    Description of Organisation:

    The New Zealand Church Missionary Society grew out of the work of the Church Missionary Society which began its ministry amongst Mario in Aotearoa-New Zealand in 1814. The NZ Church Missionary Association (1892) and later NZCMS (1916) moved the focus from mission in New Zealand to overseas. In 2000 NZCMS merged with the South American Missionary Society NZ. NZCMS works in co-operation with the New Zealand Board of Missions, the latter providing a significant part of the funding for mission partners.

    Programmes & Events:

    The primary purpose of the Society is to send long-term mission partners overseas and where possible to work in partnership with the local church. In some cases mission partners are seconded to specialist agencies such a Wycliffe/SIL or are serving in a tent-making role. There is a growing number of short-termers. The majority of the latter spend two years overseas and at the completion of a term some apply to become full mission partners of the Society. The Society also has associate mission partners, that is those whose primary allegiance is with another agency but wish to keep a connection with NZCMS and the Anglican Church in New Zealand. The Society allocates 5% of its overseas budget to the support of nationals both as students and as teachers in Bible schools. At present it supports seven students and one teaching position.

    Area of work:  East Africa, Middle East and North Africa, South Asia (Indian Subcontinent), South America, Europe.

    Number of staff:  5 home staff 45 overseas

    Sharing of Ministries Abroad (SOMA NZ)

    Director: The Revd Gradon Harvey

    Address:  PO Box 226 , Waikanae , New Zealand

    Tel: +64 (0)4 904 3018

    Fax: +64 (0)4 904 3013

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    Description of Organisation:

    • Short term teams (2-3 weeks) to encourage evangelism and renewal in the Holy Spirit.
    • Began in New Zealand in 1994, and is now a related organisation to the New Zealand Anglican Mission Board.
    • Sent first team to Fiji in September 1995.

    Programmes & Events:

    Short Term missions in Fiji, Philippines, PNG South Africa, Nepal. Rwanda, Tonga and Samoa.

    Area of work:  Central Southern Africa, East Asia, Australasia and Pacific.

    Number of staff:  National Co-ordinator (Volunteer) Administrator (honouree)

    The Anglican Church of Australia

    Anglican Board of Mission

    National Director: Ms Linda Kurti

    Address:  Level 6 , 51 DruittStreet , Sydney , NSW , 2000 , AUSTRALIA

    Tel: +61 (0)2 9264 1021

    Fax: +61 (0)2 9261 3560

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    Web: www.abmission.org

    Description of Organisation:

    Founded by bishops of Australia in 1850. Official mission agency of the Anglican Church of Australia. Currently supports partners in both Ecclesial and development operations.

    Programmes & Events:

    Financial grants; recruitment and support of people for partner churches; development support; exchange of people group and team visits.

    Area of work:  

    East Asia, Australia and Pacific, North Africa, Egypt.

    Number of staff:  11

    Bush Church Aid Society of Australia

    National Director: The Revd Brian Roberts

    Address:  Level 7 , 37 York Street , Sydney , NSW , 2000 , Australia

    Tel: +61 (0)2 9262 5017

    Fax: +61 (0)2 9262 5020

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    Web: www.bushchurchaid.com.au

    Description of Organisation:

    The Bush Church Aid Society was founded in 1919 and is a missionary society within the Anglican Church of Australia. It is committed to the ministry of the Gospel through the Word and Sacraments to the people in remote parts of Australia, where local conditions are harsh and resources are not sufficient. BCA's clergy and hostel staff do their part to win Australia for Christ.

    Programmes & Events:

    • In conjunction with dioceses, provides and supports clergy sent to remote and rural districts of Australia. This includes supporting ministers in training in remote mining communities.
    • Providing care and accommodation for bush school students in isolated regions of New South Wales at Broken Hill and Forbes.
    • Provides opportunities (grants, etc) to plant new congregations and to support new ventures.
    • Provides mission up-date visits upon request within each region (VIC/TAS, QLD/Nthn NSW,NSW/ACT, SA & WA)
    • Produces a quarterly magazine and prayer notes to support and encourage our field staff and for all our supporters.
    • Provides medical and nursing services particularly to indigenous communities.
      • Area of work:  Australia

        Number of staff:  70

        Other offices:  

        Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth

        Church Army Australia

        National Director: The Revd Martin Morgan

        Address:  PO Box 12 , Hazelbrook , NSW , 2779 , Australia

        Tel: +61 2 4759 1360

        Fax: +61 2 4759 1359

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.churcharmy.com.au

        Description of Organisation:

        A society of lay evangelists founded in the UK in 1880, established in Australia in 1934. A ministry mainly in the Anglican Church. Trains evangelists for the Anglican Church, equips parishes for ministry in evangelism.

        Programmes & Events:

        Officers in parish placements. Itinerant caravan ministry, remote area ministry, two bookshops, resources centre for parishes, parish schools for evangelism.

        Area of work:  East Africa,Australasia/Pacific, North America, Caribbean, Europe.

        Number of staff:  75

        Church Missionary Society (CMS AUS)

        Federal Secretary: The Revd Canon Dr John Thew

        Address:  Level 5 , 51 Druitt Street , Sydney , NSW , 2000 , AUSTRALIA

        Tel: +61 (0)2 9284 6777

        Fax: +61 (0)2 9267 3626

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        Web: www.cms.org.au

        Description of Organisation:

        The Church Missionary Society (CMS) was established in UK in 1799, with an independent CMS-Australia starting in 1916.

        CMS is committed to proclaiming the gospel and serving God's people around the world to see lives transformed by Christ. CMS missionaries work in partnership with national churches and organisations proclaiming the gospel through primary evangelism, discipling and church planting. Others are involved in serving God's people through education, Bible teaching, health and development work.

        Programmes & Events:

        • Sends long term personnel to more than 30 countries, working with national Anglican churches and Christian organisations.
        • Runs summer and winter conferences around Australia, majoring on Bible teaching and mission understanding. Over 5000 adults attend each year.
        • Provides some bursaries and grants for theological education, and development projects. Facilitates selected short term missionary education trips and internships.

        Area of work:  

        Africa, Middle East, Europe, Eurasia, Australia, South Asia, Latin America, South East Asia, East Asia.

        Number of staff:  200

        Other offices:  

        Other Main Offices in Australia

        Queensland with Northern NSW
        439 Ann St, Brisbane QLD 4000

        NSW including ACT
        Level 5, 51 Druitt St, Sydney NSW 2000

        9-13 Queen St (Postal: PO Box 410), Blackburn VIC 3130

        c/- 17 Church St, Hobart TAS 7000

        South Australia/Northern Territory
        4/195 Victoria Sq, Adelaide SA 5000

        Western Australia
        2nd floor, Law Chambers, Cathedral Sq, (GPO Box W2067), Perth WA6846


        Mission to Seafarers

        Contact: The Secretary

        Address:  Australian Council of the Mission to Seafarers , PO Box 729 , Townsville , QLD , 4810 , Australia

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.mts.org.au

        Description of Organisation:

        The Mission to Seafarers (MTS) is the Anglican Church working for the practical spiritual welfare of all races and creeds in ports throughout the world. Through a network of chaplains, lay staff and volunteers, it provides a welcome and friendship in over 300 ports around the world, helping seafarers in unfamiliar surroundings to overcome difficulties of language and culture; helps and counsels seafarers in need, in times of crisis and or in cases of injustice. We link seafarers with parish and clergy, extend support to their families; work closely with other denominations, showing seafarers that Christians are united in concern for their well being; support Christians who have to live out their faith in isolation and share faith through word and sacrament.

        Programmes & Events:

        The work of Mission to Seafarers is carried out in the various clubs/stations serving some 27 ports around Australia. There is a biannual conference for Chaplains and Council. The Mission to Seafarers have two liaison Bishops, working in Eastern Australia and Central and Western Australia. The main activity is the ministry offered to visiting Seafarers. There is approximately 15 stipend chaplains and a large body of honorary chaplains and volunteers.

        Area of work:  

        Australia & Pacific

        Number of staff:  27 Ports in Australia are worked by MTS

        National Home Mission Fund (Anglican Outback Fund)

        Chairman: The Rt Revd Clyde Wood

        Address:  18 Olsen Street , Toowoomba , QLD , 4350 , Australia

        Email: Click for Email

        Description of Organisation:

        The fund is an agency of General Synod, established by canon. It was founded in 1969. Its purpose is the promotion of the Mission of the Church throughout Australia, and particularly in those diocese which because of circumstances lack resources, missionary opportunities or new development are in need of external assistance.

        Programmes & Events:

        Financial grants, based upon requests from bishops.

        Area of work:  Australia & Pacific.

        Number of staff:  no paid staff.

        Sharing of Ministries Abroad (SOMA)

        National Director: The Revd Canon Ken Munns

        Address:  94A Cobham Avenue , Melrose Park , NSW , 2114 , AUSTRALIA

        Tel: +61 (0)2 9874 2974

        Fax: +61 (0)2 4928 4512

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.arma.org.au/soma/australia.htm

        Description of Organisation:

        Born out of SOMA UK, SOMA Australia was established in the early 1980s with a vision to assist in the renewal of the Anglican Communion worldwide through short term mission. SOMA/Australia works in co-operation with other SOMA branches, sending mission teams to over 50 different countries in the world.

        Programmes & Events:

        SOMA Australia sends teams for short-term mission to assist dioceses and institutions in their work; to encourage partnership with Christian leaders, and to help Christians minister in the power of the Holy Spirit. We also promote the renewal of the church in Australia by bringing individuals and teams from overseas; through deputation and teaching in parishes, deaneries and dioceses, and in co-operation with Anglican Renewal Ministries. We also arrange international conferences to stimulate thinking about different aspects of mission.

        Area of work:  

        East Asia, South America, Australia and Pacific, Central and Southern Africa, Middle East & North Africa, South Asia (Indian Subcontinent), East Asia.

        Number of staff:  1

        Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge

        General Secretary: Mr Leonard Woodley

        Address:  PO Box 190 Rundle Mall , Adelaide , South Australia , 5000 , AUSTRALIA

        Tel: +61 (0)8 8364 4643

        Fax: +61 (0)8 8364 4647

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.spcka.org.au

        Description of Organisation:

        SPCK - Australia joins with all sister SPCKs and defines its mission as follows: to promote Christian Knowledge by communicating the Christian faith, helping people to understand it and to develop their personal faith, and equipping Christians for mission. The SPCK was established in London in 1698 and has been active in Australia since 1788. SPCK was established as an independent Australian society in 1976.

        Programmes & Events:

        The main activities undertaken are the provision of financial grants mainly for literature and/or communication work and for providing consultancy and training opportunities for people from disadvantaged countries who are involved in such work.

        Area of work:  

        East Asia, Australia and Pacific, Central and Southern Africa, South Asia, South America.

        Number of staff:  Equivalent of one full-time and one part-time.

        The Anglican Church of Canada

        Partners in Mission (AC Canada)

        Partnership in Mission Officer: Dr Eleanor Johnson

        Address:  Anglican Church of Canada , 80 Hayden Street , Toronto , Ontario , M4Y 3G2 , CANADA

        Tel: +1 416 924 9192

        Fax: +1 416 969 9797

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.anglican.ca

        Description of Organisation:

        Partners-in-Mission is a vehicle assisting Canadian Anglicans to participate with international partners in mutual ministry of evangelism, justice and peace-making, through Christian formation and advocacy, by means of practical exchanges of personnel, skills and resources.

        We celebrate the diversity within the worldwide Anglican Communion and ecumenical family, sharing with partners the common challenge of living the Gospel call.

        Programmes & Events:

        • Financial Grants for PIM priorities.
        • Sending long-term and short-term personnel.
        • Receiving short-term personnel.
        • Personnel sending: south/south missionaries.
        • Scholarships for theological students.
        • Group or team visits sending and receiving
        • Canadian Theological students internship overseas.

        Area of work:  

        Africa, Asia, South Pacific, South and Central America, Middle East, Caribbean

        Number of staff:  7 Canadian Staff, 25 Volunteers-in-Mission.

        Primates World Relief and Development Fund

        Acting Executive Director: Ms Adele Finney

        Address:  80 Hayden Street , Toronto , ON , M4Y 3G2 , Canada

        Tel: +1 416 924 9199

        Fax: +1 416 924 3483

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.pwrdf.org/

        Description of Organisation:

        The Primates World Relief and Development Fund is the Anglican Church of Canada's agency for relief, refugees, development and justice. With the support of Anglican parishes across Canada, PWRDF makes financial and human resources available to support our partners' initiatives and to promote knowledgeable actions of solidarity at home and around the world.

        Programmes & Events:

        PWRDF engages in development work, responds to emergencies, works to protect refugees, and educates and advocates for change.

        Area of work:  

        PWRDF is active in approximately 30 countries, and also responds to emergencies in many more countries. Our partners are drawn from Anglican churches, ecumenical organizations and community-based groups in the regions of Asia/Pacific, Africa/Middle East, Latin America/Caribbean and Canadian Indigenous communities.

        Number of staff:  20 Canadian staff.

        Sharing of Ministries Abroad (SOMA)

        National Director: The Revd Fred H Carson

        Address:  395 Queensway West , Simcoe , ON , N3Y 2N4 , Canada

        Tel: +1 519 428 9411

        Fax: +1 519 428 2270

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.somacanada.com

        Description of Organisation:

        A short-term mission agency stressing renewal and unity. SOMA ministers in the context of the Body of Christ, the church, in areas of healing and reconciliation. The type of teaching and ministry results from direction of the host leadership.

        Programmes & Events:

        Financial grants; sending and receiving of people [long term, short term]; enabling exchange of people between other parts of the Communion; scholarships; experience programmes; group or team visits; literature and/or communication work; SOMA, as well as meaning body, is an acronym for Sharing Of Ministries Abroad. We both send teams into the developing world (and northern Canada) and receive individuals and groups into Canada. We believe that the Church is strengthened and encouraged through the exchange of ministries, expressing its interdependent reality.

        Area of work:  Africa, Asia, Northern Canada (Arctic).

        Number of staff:  One staff member, mission workers are volunteers.

        South American Missionary Society in Canada

        Chairperson: Dr Trevor Smith

        Address:  PO Box 21082 , Barrie , Ontario , L4M 6J1 , CANADA

        Tel: +1 705 728 7151

        Fax: +1 705 728 6716

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.samscanada.ca/

        Description of Organisation:

        SAMS is a Canadian Society affiliated with similar societies in Great Britain, Australia and the United States. Its membership is drawn from, and operates within, the Anglican Communion while remaining a distinct, self-governing body. Their double mandate is:

        • To share the Gospel and our resources with the Anglican Communion in Latin America.
        • To stimulate mission interest within the Anglican Church of Canada.

        Programmes & Events:

        • Seeking, training, arranging placement and the necessary support infrastructure to send long-term, mid-term and short-term mission partners to serve under the authority of the Latin American bishops.
        • Facilitating group and team visits to experience the joy of working in the mission field.
        • Visiting Anglican parishes from coast to coast promoting mission awareness.
        • Arranging for speakers to address mission issues when and wherever requested.

        Area of work:  

        South America, North, America Central, America.

        Number of staff:  14 Working Board of Volunteers. 3 Part-time, 6 long-term, 2 short term mission partners.

        Threshold Ministries (formerly The Church Army in Canada)

        National Director:  Shawn C. Branch

        Address:  105 Mountain View Dr. , Saint John , NB , E2J 5B5 , Canada

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.thresholdministries.ca

        Description of Organisation:

        Threshold Ministries shares faith through words and action to declare the love of Jesus Christ to all of Canada. Our Evangelists are serving in a variety of positions across Canada, some within congregations, others on the streets, all within the area of evangelistic ministry.

        Threshold Ministries is institutionally connected with Church Army International and the Anglican Church of Canada. We are predominantly an Anglican Order of Evangelists and value our heritage and on-going partnership within the Anglican Church of Canada. The development of Threshold Ministries will involve our Society within and beyond the Anglican Church of Canada, to ministry opportunities within other church denominations.

        Programmes & Events:

        Threshold Ministries staff fit within one of our threefold areas of ministry focus:

        • Catalytic Ministry - working with local churches; equipping men and women to reach out into the neighbourhoods; giving the tools and resources to effect Kingdom change.
        • Creating Thresholds - planting missional communities for those who might not attend a ‘traditional’ church; and seeking to transform broken communities.
        • Street Hope - street-level drop-ins across the country; that come alongside those on the streets to mentor, bring hope and help re-integrate them into their communities.

        Our vision is to be a leading organisation in the training, equipping and releasing of Evangelists, to assist the Church in becoming missional in communicating the Gospel.

        Area of work:  

        Canada, The Arctic.

        Number of staff:  60

        The Church of England

        Christian Aid


        Address:  PO Box 100 , Inter-Church House , 35 Lower Marsh , London , SE1 7RT , ENGLAND

        Tel: +44 (0)20 7620 4444

        Fax: +44 (0)20 7620 0719

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.christian-aid.org.uk/

        Description of Organisation:

        Christian Aid was founded in 1945 and established by the British Council of Churches as a way of financing aid, development and relief programmes for the world's neediest people. At present, Christian Aid is the official agency of 40 British and Irish Churches. It works where the need is greatest, regardless of race or religious beliefs, in more than 60 countries. It is supported by individuals of many faiths and of none. Christian Aid does not run its own programmes overseas but works through those of local churches and other organisations which alleviate poverty and help poor people to find their own solutions. It is committed to tackling the root causes of poverty and as a result spends up to 10 per cent of its income on education and campaigning in the UK and Ireland.

        Programmes & Events:

        Christian Aid works primarily through regional and local organisations in the developing world. Areas of interest include relief, resettlement, agriculture, community development, food security, health, water resources, development education and popular campaigning. Some funds are available for development and education work in the UK and Ireland. International Affairs topics funded are: International Development, Non-military Assistance or Aid, Food, Human Rights, Refugees and Immigration, Third World Issues. Grants are NOT given to individuals, except for a limited number of scholarships which are put forward by project "partners".

        Area of work:  

        West Africa, East Africa, Central and Southern Africa, Middle East and North Africa, South Asia (Indian subcontinent), East Asia, South America, Central America, North America, Caribbean, Europe.

        Number of staff:  In UK & Ireland: 200, No staff are based overseas but has overseas "partners" in over 60 countries.

        Church Army UK

        Chief Secretary: Captain Philip Johanson CA OBE

        Address:  Marlow House , Sidcup , DA15 7AD , ENGLAND

        Tel: +44 (0)20 8309 9991

        Fax: +44 (0)20 8309 3500

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.churcharmy.org.uk

        Description of Organisation:

        Church Army trains, employs and deploys evangelists to work throughout the UK and Ireland within five areas of focus: Area Evangelism: Church Planting: Homeless People: Older People: and Young People and Children. Its aims are to 'Share faith through Words and Action' and enable others to do the same.

        Programmes & Events:

        • The Wilson Carlile College of Training: for evangelists. Evangelism a 3 year programme.
        • First Contact - 1 year evangelism opportunities - working along side an experienced Evangelist.

        Area of work:  Europe.

        Number of staff:  350- full-time Church Army Evangelists 200- further staff.

        Other offices:  

        Captain Charles Harris, Co-ordinator for Ireland, 4 Thornleigh Place, Lisburn, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland BT28 2FD.

        Church Mission Society UK (CMS)

        General Secretary: The Revd Canon Tim Dakin

        Address:  Watlington Road , Oxford , Oxon , OX4 6BZ , ENGLAND

        Tel: +44 (0)1865 787400

        Fax: +44 (0)1865 776375

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.cms-uk.org

        Description of Organisation:

        CMS see itself as a community of mission service. Founded in 1799, CMS is an Anglican mission agency of the churches in Britain, that is committed to a holistic understanding and practice of mission. It has a strong emphasis on the centrality of evangelism, taking seriously the issues of justice, peace and reconciliation. Today's mission partners serve in a wide range of posts. They go at the invitation of the Churches within the Anglican Communion, of United Churches and of ecumenical interdenominational agencies. While affirming the principle that mission is the responsibility of the local church, CMS also believes that every Church has gifts to give and receive in mission.

        Programmes & Events:

        • Sending and receiving people - from everywhere to everywhere, long and short term.
        • Financial grants.
        • Scholarships.
        • Group visits, especially young people.
        • Enabling exchange of people between parts of the Communion.
        • Education and training of people in mission and in support of mission in parishes in England.

        Area of work:  

        East Africa, West Africa, Central and Southern Africa, Middle East and North Africa, South Asia (Indian subcontinent), East Asia, Europe.

        Number of staff:  176 mission partners, 200 local evangelists, 150 short term partners.

        Church Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS)

        General Director: The Revd John Dunnett

        Address:  Athena Drive , Tachbrook Park , Warwick , CV34 6NG , England

        Tel: +44 1926 458 458

        Fax: +44 1926 458 459

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.cpas.org.uk

        Description of Organisation:

        Founded in 1836, CPAS is a mission agency working across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, providing a wealth of resources for leaders of local churches. Our vision is to help build and develop the skills of the local church to become a nurturing community and evangelise people of all ages.

        Programmes & Events:

        • Evangelism - a team of evangelists offering consultancy and training.
        •  Leadership - training to enable leaders to become more effective in their local church ministry.
        • Patronage - CPAS acts as Patron to over 500 benefices. Vocations - support for those pursuing a possible call to ministry.
        • Grants - to support parish staff in areas of social deprivation.
        • Publications - resources to enable people to become more effective in evangelism, teaching and nurture.
        • Youth and children - excellent resources and training to encourage local churches with their nurture.
        • Ventures -Christian holidays for children and young people aged 8-19.
        • Falcon Camps - holidays for children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

        Area of work:  

        UK and Republic of Ireland.

        Number of staff:  65

        CMJ Church's Ministry Among Jewish People UK

        Acting CEO: The Revd Alex Jacob

        Address:  Eagle Lodge , Hexgreave Hall Business Estate , Farnsfield , Notts , NG22 8LS , England

        Tel: +44 1623 88 3960

        Fax: +44 1623 88 4295

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.cmj.org.uk

        Description of Organisation:

        To encourage Jewish people to come to faith in Yeshua (Jesus) as their Messiah; to support them in serving him as Lord in the light of Godýs purposes for them; and to equip the Church to be involved in this mission.

        Programmes & Events:

        UK - CMJ has workers in London and Manchester.

        Israel - CMJ is the largest and most well established evangelical Christian Ministry in Israel.

        Christ Church - More than a Churchýý.more than a Guest House. Built in the nineteenth century and located just inside Jerusalem's Old City, near the Jaffa Gate, Christ Church and itýs Guest House is a haven of peace and tranquillity amidst the bustle of the nearby Arab Market.

        The Heritage Ministry - this ministry uses three of CMJ'S historic sites, including a former Baron's Palace in Tel Aviv, to inform Israelis and visitors about the history and significance of the sites and the process which led up to the establishment of the State of Israel.

        Shoresh Study Tours - the purpose of these is to provide outstanding short-term tours that will help Christians become better acquainted with the Jewish roots of their Jewish Messiah.

        Galilee Retreat Centre - Beit Bracha (ýHouse of Blessingý) is a beautiful place for retreat, prayer and healing at Migdal, overlooking Capernaum, Tabgha, the Mount of the Beatitudes, Bethsaida and the Decapolis, Tiberias, Mt Arbel and the Sea of Galilee. The centre is for Jewish and Arab believers in Jesus from Israel as well as intercessory Prayer Tours for Christians from overseas.

        Schools - in West Jerusalem through its Anglican International School, Jerusalem, located in one of its historic buildings, CMJ provides excellent Christian-based education for local and expatriate children. Associated on the same campus is Makor HaTikva School where many of the students are children of Messianic Believers and local Christians.

        Area of work:  

        Southern Africa, Middle East, North America, Europe, Australia

        Number of staff:  120


        General Secretary: The Revd Andrew Lines

        Address:  251 Lewisham Way , London , SE4 1XF , ENGLAND

        Tel: +44 (0)20 8691 6111

        Fax: +44 (0)20 8694 8023

        Web: www.crosslinks.org

        Description of Organisation:

        Founded in 1922 as the Bible Churchmen's Missionary Society, Crosslinks is committed to an evangelical basis of faith and aims to link resources to needs in churches across the world, thereby facilitating biblical mission in a number of different countries. Specific objectives include:

        • Promoting a biblical approach to mission.
        • Facilitating evangelism, training and service.
        • Consulting with our partners of different countries, cultures and denominations.
        • Interchanging personnel so that resources can be strategically used wherever they are needed.
        • Enabling different parts of the world Church to share their vision for mission.

        The small size of Crosslinks enables it to make decisions flexibly and speedily.

        Programmes & Events:

        • Sending and receiving mission partners and study partners.(scholarships)
        • Development of urban mission strategies.
        • Enabling Christian witness to people of other faiths.
        • Giving young people and others responsible and participatory roles in mission.
        • Short term experience programmes.

        Area of work:  

        West Africa, East Africa, Central and Southern Africa, Middle East and North Africa, South Asia (Indian subcontinent), East Asia, South America, North America, Europe.

        Number of staff:  170

        Other offices:  

        Crosslinks Ireland, Mr James Myles, Northern Ireland Co-ordinator, 60a Castlereagh Street, Belfast BT5 4NH, Northern Ireland, +44 28 9046 6489 Crosslinks@belfast.region.crosslinks.org

        GFS Platform for Young Women

        President: Mrs Carol Gardner

        Address:  Townsend House , 126 Queen's Gate , London , SW7 5LQ , England

        Tel: +44 (0)20 7589 9628

        Fax: +44 (0)20 7225 1458

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.gfsplatform.org.uk

        Description of Organisation:

        GFS was founded in 1875 with the aim of enabling girls and young women to develop their potential personally, socially and spiritually.

        The Society provides housing schemes and community projects which enable young women to take control of their lives and to gain the skills necessary for independent living.

        Parish based branches provide activities and an informal Christian background to develop personal skills and relationships.

        Programmes & Events:

        • GFS World Council every three years.
        • Programmes and activities for all members.

        Area of work:  

        England and Wales.

        Number of staff:  5 Full time 45 Part time 300 volunteers working in parishes.

        Other offices:  

        West Africa, East Africa, Central South Africa, South Asia (Indian Subcontinent), East Asia, Australia and Pacific, North America, Caribbean, Europe.

        Intercontinental Church Society (ICS)

        Mission Director: The Revd Richard Bromley

        Address:  Unit 11 , Ensign Business Centre , Westwood Way , Coventry , CV4 8JA , ENGLAND

        Tel: +44 24 7646 3940

        Fax: +44 24 7767 5868

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.ics-uk.org

        Description of Organisation:

        An Evangelical Anglican mission society which supports the ministry of around seventy English-speaking, international congregations in several continents and ministers to holidaymakers in Europe and the Mediterranean. Also publishes the Directory of English-speaking Churches Abroad.

        Programmes & Events:

        Managing the recruitment of and supporting Anglican Chaplains in countries where English is not the first language; and church planting of English-speaking, international congregations in Europe. Also organising and recruiting seasonal chaplains to pastor and minister to English-speaking holidaymakers in approximately twenty European and Mediterranean resorts. (Grants are not given to individuals).

        Area of work:  

        Principally Europe; also Middle East and North Africa, South America, South Atlantic.

        Number of staff:  6 staff in UK, 50 chaplains overseas.

        Melanesian Mission

        Executive Officer: Mr David Friswell

        Address:  15 Covell Close , Bury St Edmunds , Suffolk , IP33 2HU , ENGLAND

        Tel: +44 01284 701 988

        Email: Click for Email

        Description of Organisation:

        In existence since Bishop George Augustus Selwyn began evangelisation of the Islands of Melanesia in the 1840s, the organisation exists to support the work of the Church of Melanesia in whatever way it can, whether financially, or through supplying personnel. In practice these days their main aim is to encourage the ongoing relationship in a spirit of mutual support, exchanges of people, and, always, prayer.

        Programmes & Events:

        A regular annual grant of £40,000 constant hospitality and support to visitors from the Province of Melanesia and those en route to and from it. Encouragement of experience programmes etc.

        Area of work:  

        Australia and Pacific.

        Number of staff:  1 & 1/2 staff in UK.

        Mid - Africa Ministry (MAM)

        Address:  Watlington Road , Oxford , OX4 6BZ , England

        Tel: +44 (0)1865 787400

        Fax: +44 (0)1865 776375

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.cms-uk.org/mam/

        Description of Organisation:

        Mid-Africa Ministry, formerly called Ruanda Mission, was a small daughter society of CMS founded in 1921. Initially the work in Africa was pioneered by doctors and there was a strong medical emphasis. MAM integrated with CMS in 2002 and the Church Mission Society is the legal successor to Mid-Africa Ministry.

        Network for Anglicans in Mission and Evangelism (NAME)

        Address:  PO Box 70 , Oxford , OX2 ONA , England

        Tel: +44 (0)1865 556 071

        Fax: +44 (0)1865 510 823

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.anglicanmissions.net

        Description of Organisation:

        NAME is the agreed follow-up to Section 2 (Mission and Evangelism) of the 1998 Lambeth Conference. A world-wide activist network of Anglican Bishops with their Dioceses. NAME's focus is to develop the Church's capacity for mission by helping Bishops to share vision and resources through agreed skilled exchanges and short term programmes.
        Led by a board of Bishops and Archbishops drawn from across the Communion. The Chairman is Bishop French Chang-Him, with a programme committee of six.

        Programmes & Events:

        NAME's three key strategies:
        • Effective Global Communication.
        • Developing mutually supportive vision and strategy.
        • Facilitate direct exchange of skills and resources.
        NAME is establishing a global web presence that will:
        • Provide space for sharing vision and resources, to promote direct discussion of issues, and facilitate direct partnerships between dioceses and provinces. The site is available to all bishops with their dioceses, with information and communication support from each region.
        • Publish agreed project requests, and seek volunteers and resources for short term skills exchange directly between the bishops and dioceses of the communion, Provide a means of exchanging prayer needs and information.
        Completed Programmes:
        NAME facilitated the Council of the Provinces of Africa (CAPA) training Programme for new Bishops. (June 99); the consultation of CAPA with the World Bank on the ongoing contribution of the Church to help fight poverty (March 2000); Workshop for Senior Church leaders from South Asia (Nov 2000).

        Area of work:  Global.

        Number of staff:  Executive secretary, Admin Asst and Website Officer Advisory Staff: Director of Communications, seconded in advisory capacity from the Diocese of Oxford.

        Overseas Bishoprics' Fund

        Secretary: The Revd Stephen Lyon

        Address:  C/O Partnership House , 157 Waterloo Road , London , SE1 8XA , England

        Tel: +44 (0)20 7928 8681

        Fax: +44 (0)20 7633 0185

        Email: Click for Email

        Description of Organisation:

        The OBF was founded in 1841 to assist the financing of Anglican Bishoprics outside the British Isles. Today its task is:

        • To assist towards the endowment and maintenance of bishoprics in any part of the world.
        • By its Trustees to act as trustees of endowment funds of bishoprics in any part of the world.

        Bishoprics may be within the Anglican Communion, United Churches of Churches in Communion with the See of Canterbury.

        Programmes & Events:

        The fund sends income to dioceses or provinces, from trust funds held specifically for these dioceses/provinces. Makes grants to bishoprics in any part of the world from a general fund to which bishops may apply for help for their stipends, other costs or to establish new or increase existing endowment funds. Holds endowment funds in trust for dioceses/provinces, and invested in Britain. Offers advice to bishops on endowment and investment policies.

        Area of work:  

        West Africa, East Africa, Central and Southern Africa, Middle East and North Africa, South Asia (Indian subcontinent), East Asia, Australia and Pacific, South America, Caribbean.

        Number of staff:  2 part-time staff.

        Oxford Mission

        General Secretary: Mrs Mary Marsh

        Address:  PO Box 86 , Romsey , Hants , SO51 8YD , England

        Tel: +44 1794 515 004

        Fax: +44 1794 515 004

        Email: Click for Email

        Description of Organisation:

        Founded in 1880. The Oxford Mission consists of two Religious Communities, the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Epiphany and the Christa Sevika Sangha. It has houses in Indian and Bangladesh. Their work is pastoral. medical and educational and is carried on in the Dioceses of Calcutta and Dhaka. India: Father James Stevens (on loan from the Diocese of Calcutta and Sister-in-Charge, Sister Florence SE Bangladesh: Father Francis Pande BE and the Revered Mother Susila CSS.

        Area of work:  

        South Asia (Indian subcontinent).

        Number of staff:  One part-time, UK.

        Papua New Guinea Church Partnership

        Secretary: Mrs Chris Luxton

        Address:  St Mary Abbots Hall , Vicarage Gate , London , W8 4HN , ENGLAND

        Tel: +44 (0)20 7937 5794

        Fax: +44 (0)20 7937 4159

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: hometown.aol.co.uk/pngcpluxton/PNGChurchPartnership.htm

        Description of Organisation:

        PNG Church Partnership was founded as the New Guinea Mission in 1891, to support the Church in PNG - in prayer, by raising money and by sending staff - mostly for teaching and training posts these days. In 1977 the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea was inaugurated as an autonomous Province of the Anglican Communion, with five dioceses - and the mission changed its name to be more descriptive of the work, and future relationship.

        Programmes & Events:

        • Supports the general budget of the Province, priorities of which are decided by Provincial Council.
        • Raises money for provincially approved projects and appeals including natural disasters.
        • Responds to provincial request for staff by reciting (ecumenically) for Governmentally approved training posts in the field of education, health and administration.
        • Supports PNG Anglican undertaking further studies in the UK.
        • Encourages short term exchange visits by Papua New Guanines to the UK and by young people to PNG, eg Gap Year students/Medical Electives.
        • Holds and annual Day Conference for supporters jointly with other agencies.
        • Raises awareness by producing display material, newsletters and leaflets providing speakers with appropriate experience.

        Area of work:  

        Australia and Pacific.

        Number of staff:  1 full time staff in UK plus adhoc volunteers, 9 in PNG.

        Sharing of Ministries Abroad (SOMA UK)

        National Director: The Revd Stephen Dinsmore

        Address:  PO Box 69 , Merriott , , Somerset , TA18 9AP , ENGLAND

        Tel: +44 (0) 1460 279737

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.somauk.org

        Description of Organisation:

        SOMA was established in 1978 with a vision to assist in the renewal of the Anglican Communion worldwide through short term mission. SOMA is now working from 10 sending countries, in about 70 different countries throughout the world.

        Programmes & Events:

        Our Mission Statement:
        "SOMA works for the transformation of individuals and churches, and the healing of communities and their lands through the renewing power of the Holy Spirit by sending and receiving teams worldwide on short-term mission within the Anglican Communion."

        We also from time to time arrange for individuals and teams to come to the UK to visit parishes and deaneries, under the 'Partners in Renewal' scheme. We also arrange international conferences to stimulate thinking about different aspects of mission.

        Area of work:  

        West Africa, East Africa, Central and Southern Africa, South Asia (Indian subcontinent), Europe.

        Number of staff:  1 full time, 2 part time staff.

        Other offices:  

        SOMA International Chairman: The Rt. Rev. Dr. Benjamin A. Kwashi
        Bishopscourt, PO Box 6283, Jos, Plateau State 930001, Nigeria
        Tel. (+234) (0) 73 464325
        Mobile (+234) (0) 803 701 7928
        e-mail: BAKwashi@aol.com or jos@anglican-nig.org

        Other SOMA National Bodies in: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Nigeria, Singapore, Southern Africa, Uganda, USA

        SOMA Regional Representatives in: Korea, South America


        SPCK The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge

        General Secretary: Mr Graeme King

        Address:  36 Causton Street , London , SW1P 4ST , ENGLAND

        Tel: +44 (0)20 7592 3900

        Fax: +44 (0)20 7592 3939

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.spck.org.uk

        Description of Organisation:

        Established 1698 to produce and distribute Christian literature and to promote education both in Britain and around the world.

        Today SPCK operates as a publisher of Christian books and a retailer of Christian resources in the UK, and has a grant-making arm (SPCK Worldwide working in association with Feed The Minds) which supports Christian communications and theological education around the world. SPCK is involved in a wide range of web-based activities including a website (www.assemblies.org.uk) which provides material free of charge for assemblies in primary and secondary schools.

        The SPCK mission statement is to promote Christian knowledge by:

        • Communicating the Christian faith in its rich diversity.
        • Helping people to understand it and to develop their personal faith.
        • Equipping Christians for mission and ministry.

        Programmes & Events:

        • UK Publishing approx 100 titles each year.
        • UK Bookselling 25 bookshops.
        • SPCK Worldwide in association with Feed The Minds:
          • Financial grants (typically £1 - 5,000).
          • Book grants to ordinands and college libraries.
          • Support for indigenous publishing and other Christian communications projects. Works both with Anglican Churches and Churches of other denominations.

        Area of work:  

        West Africa, East Africa, Central and Southern Africa, Middle East and North Africa, South Asia (Indian subcontinent), East Asia, Australia and Pacific, South America, Central America, North America, Caribbean, Europe, Former USSR.

        Number of staff:  Publishing: 24; Bookselling: 200; SPCK Worldwide: 4 Finance/Admin 24.

        The Jerusalem and the Middle East Church Association (JMECA)

        Secretary: Mrs Shirley Eason

        Address:  1 Hart House , The Hart , Farnham , Surrey , GU9 7HJ , ENGLAND

        Tel: +44 01252 726 994

        Fax: +44 01252 726 994

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.jmeca.org.uk/

        Description of Organisation:

        JMECA seeks to encourage support through prayer, giving and personal service for the Anglican dioceses of Jerusalem, Iran, Egypt, Cyprus, and the Gulf. Gifts by subscription, gift aid or legacy resulting from the Association's appeal are allocated in consultation with the four dioceses and the Central Synod of the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East, and are used to maintain and develop pastoral, medical and educational work in areas where there is great need.

        Programmes & Events:

        Income used to maintain and develop pastoral, medical and educational work in areas where there is great need. Financial grants. Scholarships.

        Area of work:  

        Middle East, North Africa, Cyprus.

        Number of staff:  1

        The Korean Mission Partnership

        Chairman: The Revd Luke Lee

        Address:  The Vicarage , The Green , Croxley Green , Rickmansworth , WD3 3HJ , ENGLAND

        Tel: +44 01923 772 109

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.koreanmission.org

        Description of Organisation:

        The Korean Mission was founded in 1889 to support the Anglican Church in Korea, the first Bishop being Charles John Corfe.

        Programmes & Events:

        • Regular financial support given to the Anglican Church of the Province of Korea.
        • A Newsheet entitled 'Morning Calm' is produced bi-annually.

        Area of work:  Korea.

        Number of staff:  1 part time honorary secretary & treasurer.

        The Mission to Seafarers UK

        Secretary General: The Revd Canon Bill Christianson

        Address:  St Michael Paternoster Royal , College Hill , London , EC4R 2RL , ENGLAND

        Tel: +44 (0)20 7248 5202

        Fax: +44 (0)20 7248 4761

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.missiontoseafarers.org

        Description of Organisation:

        The Mission to Seafarers was founded in 1856 as the Missions to Seamen and combines a ministry of practical help with word and sacrament. The society's fulltime chaplains work in over 100 ports and part time Chaplains in a further 200 ports, showing God's love for seafarers who are away from their homes and families, by visiting ships, offering them a welcome at our centres, listening to their stories and problems, and giving spiritual and practical help. Through our centres, some run with other denominations, the seafarers welcome the opportunity to relax, meet people other than fellow crew members, worship with other Christians, enjoy some recreation and use email, telephone and postal facilities to keep in touch with their families. Chaplains help individual seafarers or crews with work-related problems, such as non-payment of wages, unsafe or unsatisfactory conditions or those being denied their human dignity. They speak out for justice and work with owners, managers and others who want to see such pactices eradicated.

        Programmes & Events:

        • Appointing and funding chaplains to serve in various parts of the world in partnership with provinces of the Anglican Communion.
        • Training in the ministry to seafarers for those appointed locally.
        • Encouraging Christians worldwide to offer a ministry to seafarers.
        • Working in ecumenical partnership with other Christian Churches.
        • Publication of information and educational materials for seafarers and parishes.
        • Offering opportunities to young Christians to assist chaplains in different parts of the world through our voluntary service scheme.

        Area of work:  

        West Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa, Middle East, South Asia (Indian subcontinent), East Asia, Australia and Pacific, South America, North America, Caribbean, Europe,UK.

        Number of staff:  89 full time staff/chaplains 200 part-time chaplains.

        Other offices:  

        Ireland, Scotland, Wales.

        United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (USPG)

        General Secretary: The Rt Revd Michael Doe

        Address:  200 Great Dover Street , London , SE1 4YB , England

        Tel: +44 (0)20 7378 5678

        Fax: +44 (0)20 7378 5650

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.uspg.org.uk

        Description of Organisation:

        ‘USPG: Anglicans in World Mission’ works in direct partnership with Anglican Churches in over 50 countries, enabling them to reach out to poor and marginalised communities in practical and life-changing ways.

        In practise, this means helping local churches to run schools and hospitals, build houses and wells, and provide agricultural training for subsistence farmers. USPG also supports church outreach, theological training and youth work programmes.

        USPG runs a range of mission personnel programmes, recruiting priests, teachers, medical workers and other staff in Britain and Ireland, as requested by its overseas partners. USPG also sends personnel between churches around the world and provides volunteers, clergy and church workers from Britain and Ireland with an experience of the world church by sending them on short-term placements overseas.

        Churches and individuals in Britain and Ireland can be involved with USPG and world mission through prayer, fundraising and its speakers programme.

        USPG publishes a range of publications - from its quarterly newspaper Transmission and prayer diary to worship resources for Harvest and Lent - which can be ordered free of charge.

        Founded in 1701 as the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (SPG), USPG is one of the oldest Anglican mission agencies. In 1965 it merged with the Universities’ Mission to Central Africa and the Cambridge Mission to Delhi to become the United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (USPG). The name was further changed to USPG: Anglicans in World Mission in 2007

        Programmes & Events:

        Financial Grants, sending and receiving personnel, long-term and short-term programmes, funding exchange of people, schools, sabbatical programmes, Bursary awards for international local schemes, experience exchange, UK experience programmes, youth community programmes, mission, education and training.

        Area of work:  

        West Africa, Central and Southern Africa, Middle East and North Africa, South Asia, East Asia, South America, Central America, Caribbean, Europe.

        Number of staff:  43 staff.

        The Church of Ireland

        Church Missionary Society (CMS Ireland)

        Mission Director: Mr Ronnie Briggs

        Address:  Church of Ireland House , 33 Dargan Road , Belfast , BT3 9JU , NORTHERN IRELAND

        Tel: +44 (0)28 9077 5020

        Fax: +44 (0)28 9077 9772

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.cmsireland.org

        Description of Organisation:

        CMS Ireland is a mission and development agency with the Church Mission Society family. Based in Ireland it draws the support from the parishes of the Church of Ireland and from individuals. It seeks to challenge the Church of Ireland in world mission through a programme of Parish Links, sending and receiving mission partners and in small scale appropriate development projects. We also seek to make the wider community aware of issues in the developing world and endeavour to influence government policies where appropriate.

        Programmes & Events:

        • Sending short and long term mission partners.
        • Supporting international partners in mission (South to South).
        • Supporting theological education in Sudan, Uganda and Zambia.
        • Vocational Training Centre Support in Sudan, Kenya and Uganda.
        • Rural development, Health Care, Education.
        • Refugee Programmes.

        Area of work:  

        East Africa, Central/Southern Africa, Middle East and North Africa, South Asia (Indian Sub Continent.

        Number of staff:  10 Office Staff. 23 overseas

        Other offices:  

        Dublin Office: CMS Ireland, Church of Ireland House, Church Avenue, Rathmines, Dublin 6

        Tel: +353 (0) 1497 0931
        Fax: +353 (0) 14978821
        Email: dublinoffice@cmsireland.org

        Church's Ministry among Jewish People – Ireland (CMJ – Ireland)

        Regional Adviser: Dr. Kris Baraniuk

        Address:  PO Box 348 , Bangor , BT20 9EH , Northern Ireland

        Tel: +44 (0)77 4050 9237

        Web: www.cmjireland.com/

        Description of Organisation:

        Evangelism- To be co-workers with God in his continuing purpose for the Jewish people, both in the land of Israel and world-wide, especially in seeking to lead them to faith in Jesus the Messiah as their Saviour.

        Education - To teach the Church about the Jewish roots of its faith.

        Programmes & Events:

        Opportunities for short term volunteering & mission in Israel & Eastern Europe

        Area of work:  

        Israel & Eastern Europe.

        Number of staff:  1

        Sharing of Ministries Abroad (SOMA Ireland)

        Associate Director: The Revd Ian Ballentine

        Address:  6 Carwood Drive , Belfast , BT36 5LP , Northern Ireland

        Tel: +44 (0)28 9087 9029

        Email: Click for Email

        Description of Organisation:

        SOMA Ireland began in 1989 and is part of the SOMA International, an Anglican based mission agency, which seeks to encourage Christian leaders to work in the power of the Holy Spirit. SOMA is a growing organisation and is based in 8 countries and working in 50 different counties worldwide.

        Programmes & Events:

        SOMA Ireland send teams by invitation for short term missions to offer help and to encourage others. We work with people in other countries and invite people and teams from abroad to come to Ireland to help us. This involves working through conference, consultations and prayer and intercession together. It also works to promote community transformation and young people.

        Area of work:  

        East Africa, West Africa, Central/Southern Africa, South Asia (Indian Subcontinent) East Asia, Australasia and Pacific, North America, Europe.

        Number of staff:  2

        The Anglican Church of Kenya

        The Church Army Africa


        Address:  PO Box 72584 , Jogoo Road , Nairobi , Kenya

        Tel: +254 558 253

        Fax: +254 554 970

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.churcharmyafrica.net

        Description of Organisation:

        Church Army Africa is an Anglican Society for mission and evangelism with its headquarters and registation as a company in Nairpbi, Kenya.  The organiasaiton works in partnership with the wider Anglican Church to positively transform society in Africa.

        Our transformation agenda involves investing in the individual to bring out, honest and direct leadership abilities. We comprehensively invest in the lives of potential leaders from early childhood education right through university and then to send out individuals who would then impact the African society in a sustainable and tranformational way.

        Our focus is on
        Pioneering Missions
        • Evangelism among various people groups, church planting and discipleship programmes
        • Training in the Church Army Academy, Carlise College and Internship programmes
        • Seeking to develop high schools and a university
        • Providing bursaries and scholarships for further education
        • Developing training models for Sudan and Congo
        Community transformation
        • HIV and AIDS and Micro-Enterprise Development programmes
        • Agriculture, Horticulture and fish-breeding Development Programmes
        Governance and Advocacy
        • Christians For a Just Society (CFJS) interchurch society 'Seek a just society that respects the rule of law; that is governed by godly moral values and practices principles of good governance'

        Programmes & Events:

        Carlile College (School of Theology) and  3 Year course; Higher Diploma.
        Graduates are posted in dioceses where they work for the diocese.
        School of Business Studies, courses in business, accounts, secretarial and marketing.
        Dental service with a modest fee for the lower income bracket in the city.
        Day Care Nursery and Primary School offers a government curriculum education in a Christian nurturing environment.
        In Uganda an Community project in Mbale offering vocational training to school drop outs

        Area of work:  East Africa, Kenya, Ugnada, Tanzania, Sudan

        Other offices:  Bungoko Rural Development Centre, Church Army Africa, P O Box 385, Mbale, Uganda

        The Anglican Church of Melanesia

        Melanesian Board of Mission

        Mission Secretary: The Revd Canon Sam Sahu

        Address:  PO Box 19 , Honiara , Solomon Islands

        Tel: +677 21671

        Fax: +677 21098

        Description of Organisation:

        The Melanesian Board of Mission is an organisation of the Church of Melanesia. It was established to supervise the Home Mission and the mission abroad. It is responsible for missionaries sent from the Church and missionaries who come to work in the Church of Melanesia. It maintains relationship with its associate mission bodies as well as our partners in mission and other parts of the Anglican Communion.

        Programmes & Events:

        The MBM Office is responsible of the Renewal and Evangelism, Youth ministry, Communications and Newsletter, Women's Desk, the Melanesian brotherhood, Franciscan Friars, the Community of the Sisters of the Church and the Community of the Sisters of Melanesia. It deals with the holistic approach to human development.

        Area of work:  East Asia, Pacific, Europe

        Number of staff:  5

        Melanesian Brotherhood

        Contact: The Secretary

        Address:  Church of Melanesia , PO Box 19 , Honiara , Solomon Islands

        Tel: +677 26 601

        Fax: +677 21 098

        Description of Organisation:

        Melanesian Brotherhood is a Religious Community in the Anglican Communion. In line with other Religious Communities, living under the vows of celibacy, obedience and poverty. This Community was founded on 28th October 1925 by Ini Kopuria a young man from Solomon Islands. This Community has been in the Pacific and now it has taken a new era into Asia and Europe.

        In the Pacific the Brotherhood is organised in three regions: Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea and it is a community recognised for its effective mission and evangelism.

        Programmes & Events:

        The Programmes and activities of the Melanesian Brotherhood involves training of young people (men) into religious life and also evangelism. The Community also trains or sponsors Brothers into theological education. Evangelism reaching the non-Christians of the Pacific and to the Christians. The Melanesian Brothers play a major role in evangelism, the community is religious and evangelistic.

        Area of work:  East Asia Australia and Pacific, Europe.

        Number of staff:  96 Brothers in Active mission work.

        Other offices:  

        Melanesian Brotherhood, Regional Headquarters, Haruro, P O Box 29, Popondetia, PNG, +675 329 7194, +675 329 7476, acpngpop@global.net.pg

        Mission to Seafarers Society

        Director: The Revd Wilson Mapuru

        Address:  Church of Melanesia , PO Box 19 , Honiara , Solomon Islands

        Tel: +677 20461

        Fax: +677 21098

        Description of Organisation:

        The Mission to Seafarers is a Missionary Society of the Church of Melanesia. The aim is to care for the spiritual and practical welfare of seafarers of all races and creeds, and their families.

        Through a network of chaplain, honorary chaplain, lay staff and helpers, the Mission to Seafarers shows God's love to seafarers in Port of Honiara and networking with other ports of the world.

        Programmes & Events:

        • To promote the social comfort, moral and spiritual welfare of seafarers.
        • To visit the ports of the Solomon Islands.
        • To provide a welcoming friendship to seafarers in the ports of the Solomon Islands.
        • To assist seafarers to overcome their difficulties and problems.
        • To work closely with other denominations to enhance unity among the Christians in order to have a common concern for the well-being of the seafarers.

        Area of work:  

        Solomon Islands and networking with others throughout the world.

        Number of staff:  3

        The Scottish Episcopal Church

        LINKS - The Scottish Episcopal Church Mission Association

        Secretary: Mrs Margaret Deas

        Address:  21 Grosvenor Crescent , Edinburgh , EH12 5EE , SCOTLAND

        Tel: +44 131 225 6357

        Description of Organisation:

        Voluntary organisation within SEC. Raises funds for mission activity overseas - donations decided by committee representing all SEC diocese.

        Programmes & Events:

        Financial support for overseas mission work. Members' magazine published twice yearly. Aim is to increase interest/awareness of the world church.

        Area of work:  

        West Africa, Central/Southern Africa, South Asia, East Asia, South America, (this varies from year to year).

        Number of staff:  1 part-time, no mission workers.

        Scottish Episcopal Church

        Secretary General: Mr John Stuart

        Address:  21 Grosvenor Crescent , Edinburgh , EH12 5EE , SCOTLAND

        Tel: +44 (0)131 225 6357

        Fax: +44 (0)131 346 7247

        Email: Click for Email

        Description of Organisation:

        The overseas Committee of the Anglican Church Scotland.

        Programmes & Events:

        Making of grants, which enable the exchange of people between other parts of the communion, scholarships, experience programmes, and group or team visits. They do not welcome unsolicited applications. The purpose of the committee is to develop partnership with the church overseas and money is applied in support of their aim.

        Area of work:  

        East Africa, West Africa, Central/Southern Africa, Middle East and North Africa, South Asia, Australia and Pacific, South America, Central America, Caribbean, Europe.

        Number of staff:  1

        Church of the Province of South East Asia

        Anglican Village Ministries (Diocese of West Malaysia)

        Co Ordinator: The Revd Canon Ng Moon Hing

        Address:  1-A, Jalan Foo Kuan Sze , Taman Asia , Ipoh , 31400 , Malaysia

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: stpetersipoh.tripod.com/

        Description of Organisation:

        AVM began in 1983 under the leadership of Archdeacon Moon Hing. Its focus is to plant churches in villages and kampungs in West Malaysia. It has since reached out to 10 Chinese villages and 25 Asli Kampungs and 1 Indian village. It has a team of 14 full-time workers and many volunteers. AVM draws its financial support from the dioceses and parishes, individuals and organisations.

        Programmes & Events:

        • Educational ministry such as literacy programmes, tuition and kindergarten.
        • Micro-econmoic Ministry such as thrift shop, agriculture development, goat-rearing, fish rearing and chicken rearing.
        • Social ministry such as drug rehabilitation assistance, legal assistance and distribution of food to the poor and housing assistance.
        • Spiritual ministry such as leadership training, theological education, mini Bible school, grassroots evangelism training programme, youth training and Sunday Schools.

        It receives people for short term mission. We also promote and send out mission teams to assist in church planting and new mission initiatives. The latest mission area is in the state of Kelantan.


        Area of work:  South East Asia.

        Number of staff:  14 mission workers.

        Province of South East Asia Mission Services (PROSEAMS)

        Secretary: The Revd Kuan Kim Seng

        Address:  Diocese of Singapore , 4 Bishopgate , Singapore , 2399794 , Singapore

        Tel: +65 64 743 248

        Fax: +65 64 791 054

        Email: Click for Email

        Description of Organisation:

        PROSEAMS was formed in 1996 when the Province was formed. Its main aim is:

        • To co-ordinate the mission and evangelism of all the diocese.
        • To set mission policies for the mission work of the Province.
        • To strategise the mission work within and outside the Province.

        Programmes & Events:

        • Make awareness of mission opportunities in the Proivnce.
        • Inform and communicate between diocesan mission secretaries.
        • Co-ordinate and create joint diocesan and inter provincial opportunities.

        Area of work:  South East Asia.

        St Nicholas for the Blind

        Assistant Bishop of West Malaysia: The Rt Revd Andrew Phang

        Address:  Church of The Redeemer , 306, Jalan Bagan Lebai Tahir , Bagan Ajam , 13050 Butterworth , Penang , Malaysia

        Fax: +60 (0)16 4575 979

        Description of Organisation:

        Founded in 1930, a ministry for the blind of all races.

        Programmes & Events:

        • School for the blind.
        • Training for people with low visison.
        • Craft ministry.
        • Residential home for the blind elderly.
        • Radio and braille library ministry.

        Area of work:  South East Asia.

        Number of staff:  20 Staff.

        The Church of South India (United)

        Friends Missionary Prayer Band

        General Secretary: Mr M Patrick Joshua

        Address:  29 High School Road , Ambattur , Chennai , 600 053 , South India

        Tel: +91 44 625 0404

        Fax: +91 44 623 3353

        Email: Click for Email

        Description of Organisation:

        FMPB is a movement of Indian Christians to preach the Gospel of Christ personally to the unreached masses. It works with 722 missionaries in 17 states, opening 135 mission stations. This work of forming worship groups planting churches and conducting Bible Correspondence Course among 136 people groups in India, mainly among 10 people groups namely the Maltos, the Santals, the Kuknas, the Rai Sikhs, the Vasavas, the Varlies, the Gounders, the Charmars, the Hos and the Kathodies. Bible translation ministry is being done in the languages namely, Vasave, Varli, Choudrie, Malto, Haryanvi and the Dungra Bhil.

        Programmes & Events:

        The target for 2000-2001 is to bring 25,000 people to the fold of Christ, to build 150 churches and form 400 worship groups.

        Area of work:  South Asia.

        Number of staff:  722 Staff and missionaries.

        Indian Missionary Society

        General Secretary: The Revd Mainckam

        Address:  107 Trivandrum Road , Palayakmottai , Tirunelveli , 627 002 , Tamil Nadu India

        Tel: +91 462 574 814

        Fax: +91 462 586 971

        Email: Click for Email

        Description of Organisation:

        Indian Missionary Society (IMS) the first indigenous missionary movement in India was founded by the Rt Revd VS Azariah in the year 1903. It has a mission to reach the unreached people who live in abject poverty and absolute ignorance in the central tribal belt of India. It is being undertaken wholly by the Indian men, money and management since its inception.

        'Winning souls for Jesus Christ through education, hostels for the tribal children, medical assistance, meeting tribal people in their respective villages with the Gospel literacy programme, church planting and so on, is our aim.'

        Programmes & Events:

        IMS is purely faith mission entirely depending upon the support received from the established Church of India. Their missionaries have short term training courses on leadership and theology, in order that they can be exposed to new ideas and be effective instruments in God's vineyard.

        The 'Missionary Intelligencer' is an official organ of IMS carrying the missionary field news and is being widely circulated in India, informing people of the missionary activities of IMS and be motivated to mobilise intensive prayer for God's mission.

        Centenary Vision:

        • To preach the gospel in 21 states by 2003.
        • To send 1050 missionaries to establish new dioceses and form prayer cells.

        Area of work:  South Asia.

        Number of staff:  511

        The Episcopal Church

        African Palms

        Office Manager:  Patricia Martineau

        Address:  3427 Olney-Laytonsville Road , P.O. Box 575 , Onley , MD , 20830 , USA

        Tel: +1 301 774 2832

        Fax: +1 301 774 1346

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.africanpalmsusa.org

        Description of Organisation:

        African Palms was founded in 1965 by an Anglican missionary in Masasi, Tanzania. Crosses are made throughout the year in seven mud villages near Masasi, then sold in the US through African Palms USA, a non-profit mission of St John's Episcopal Church, Olney MD. The net proceeds and all donations are returned to Africa through grants for AIDS prevention and education; hospitals and clinics; disaster and refugee relief; primary and secondary education; orphan housing and education; agriculture and water projects; education and training; community development.

        Area of work:  Africa.

        Number of staff:  1 part time.

        African Team Ministries

        Director: Mr Keith Jesson

        Address:  PO Box 115 , Sierra Madre , CA , 91205 , USA

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.africanteamministries.org

        Description of Organisation:

        This non-profit private voluntary agency supports missions, evangelism, orphans, refugees and famine relief to and through the Church in East Africa. The agency organises preaching missions in the USA for African bishops, and makes African crafts available for sale on consignment in congregations, dioceses and other church settings.

        Number of staff:  12

        American Committee for KEEP.


        Address:  825 Green Bay Road , Suite 122 , Wilmette , IL , 60091 , USA

        Tel: +1 847 853 2500

        Fax: +1 847 853 8901

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.keep.or.jp/

        Description of Organisation:

        Kiyosato Educational Experiment Project) ACK supports the Kiyosato Educational Experiment Project, located in Yamanashi prefecture, Japan. KEEP was founded by an Episcopal lay missionary, Paul Rusch, in 1938. Currently, KEEP and ACK seek to provide Christian witness through people to people outreach and education.

        Programmes & Events:

        Recent efforts have focused on rural community development and applied agriculture in Southeast Asia and environmental advocacy in Japan.

        Area of work:  South Asia.

        Anglican Frontier Missions

        Director: The Revd Canon Tad de Bordenave III

        Address:  PO Box 18038 , Richmond , VA , 23226-8038 , USA

        Tel: +1 804 355 8468

        Fax: +1 804 355 8260

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.afm-us.org

        Description of Organisation:

        The mission of AFM is to see churches planted among the 25 largest and least evangelised people groups in the world. They train and send missionaries and work in co-operation with other agencies in these areas, making full use of new technology and research.

        They also bring to the attention of the church the 20 % of the world that is, 1.7 billion lost souls, that the church has neglected. AFM seeks to give a greater emphasis on unreached people group research, church planting and deployment of missionaries to these people groups, most of whom live outside the borders of the Anglican dioceses.

        Programmes & Events:

        AFM works toward mobilization of the world-wide Anglican Communion for work among the least evangelised. The US office of AFM has assisted several dioceses in Nigeria to form their own branch of Anglican Frontier Missions and is in the process of doing the same in India, East Africa and South Asia. The AFM branch in Nigeria and other parts of the Anglican Communion, although affiliated, function independently.

        The training, research, team members, and the development and implementation of strategies all have the flavour of the world wide Body of Christ and is not confined to the Anglican Communion. Therefore, the churches planted will not necessarily be Anglican. Through our missionaries and agency, we represent and urge the Church to go to those overlooked, who may have no face before the Church, but are dearly loved before the face of God.

        Area of work:  

        Middle East, North Africa , South Asia, China, India and Indonesia.

        Number of staff:  30

        Brotherhood of St Andrew, Inc

        Director:  J Vincent Welch

        Address:  1109 Merchants Street , PO Box 632 , Ambridge , PA , 15003 , USA

        Tel: +1 724 266 5810

        Fax: +1 724 266 9577

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.brotherhoodstandrew.org

        Description of Organisation:

        The Brotherhood of St Andrew is an international ministry to men/youth in the Anglican and Episcopal churches, through prayer, study and service. The BStA was started in 1883 in the USA and quickly spread to many parts of the world. It was the BStA that started the lay readers programme. Faith Alive and many other ministries were born out of the BStA.

        Programmes & Events:

        Outreach: Religious literature is given upon request according to their annual budget.

        Their offices and meetings are open to all interested person. They also make an annual visit to various countries where the BStA exists.

        The BStA received grants totalling $50,000 for projects in Uganda. (Toilet/shower projects, grain mill, electricity, bore hole (well) and an orphanage.

        Area of work:  East Africa, West Africa, Central and Southern Africa, Middle East, North Africa, South America, North America, Caribbean, Europe.

        Number of staff:  3 paid staff, 21 Executive Board members, 25,000 member partners worldwide.

        Church Periodical Club

        President: Ms Priscilla Magar

        Address:  813 Pierce Street , Taft , CA , 93268 , USA

        Tel: +1 661 763 3081

        Fax: +1 661 765 7421

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.episcopalchurch.org/cpc

        Description of Organisation:

        CPC is committed to supplying theological and educational materials in support of mission efforts around the world. It responds to needs throughout the Anglican Communion using its National Books fund and Miles of Pennies Fund. Parishes and diocesian representatives initiate and support local projects.

        Number of staff:  1 part time.

        Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Episcopal Church - Anglican and Global Relations

        Address:  , ,

        Description of Organisation:

        Since 1835, by action of the General Convention, the DFMS consists of all baptised members of the Episcopal Church. It is mandated by canon to carry out the missionary, educational, social and justice work of the Church. Missioners are supported through the budget of General Convention, as are ECUSA's overseas dioceses, many provinces of the Anglican Communion and a variety of global mission programmes.

        Episcopal Church Missionary Community (ECMC)

        Director: Ms Sharon Stockdale

        Address:  PO Box 278 , 621 Pine Street , Ambridge , PA , 15003 , USA

        Tel: +1 412 266 2810

        Fax: +1 412 266 7550

        Email: Click for Email

        Description of Organisation:

        The Episcopal Church Missionary Community (ECMC) is a voluntary society enabling Episcopalians to be more knowledgeable, active and effective in fulfilling our Lord's Great Commission to make disciples of all nations.

        ECMC raises mission vision in the Episcopal Church, trains missionaries and missions committee members, equips Episcopalians to witness in cultures with no viable church, and encourages prayer for Episcopal missionaries.

        Founded in 1974, ECMC has given orientation to more than 300 Episcopalians who have served overseas with the Volunteers for Mission, the South American Missionary Society, etc.

        Programmes & Events:

        • Produces mission resources designed to raise mission vision in parishes, such as the ReachOut bulletin, Mission Awareness Seminars, workshops and videos.
        • Operates a Missions Clearing House to provide information on Episcopal mission agencies and missionary training programmes, gives orientation, counsel and debriefing to Episcopalians serving in cross-cultural mission and to those serving in areas closed to traditional missions.
        • Publishes a bimonthly Prayer Calendar with prayer requests from Episcopalian missionaries.
        • Sponsors the New Wineskins for Global Mission conference every three years.

        Area of work:  Africa, Asia, Latin America, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, and North America.

        Number of staff:  13

        Episcopal Medical Missions Foundation

        Director: Dr Thomas E Williams MD

        Address:  606 Rathervue Place , Austin , TX , 78705 , USA

        Tel: +1 210 506 5649

        Fax: +1 210 558 4718

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.emmf.com

        Description of Organisation:

        Episcopal Medical Mission Foundation (EMMF) is an effort on the part of health care professionals and other lay members of the Episcopal Church to organise and augment the support of our medical missionaries as they deliver medical and spiritual aid in Central America, the Caribbean basin, Africa and Russia. Incorporated in 1992, EMMF is an all-volunteer, Charitable organisation with no salaried staff. Primarily a granting agency, it provides long-term funding for medical programmes in foreign dioceses following a site-visit and needs assessment in consultation with local bishops and deans.

        Programmes & Events:

        • Provides assistance and funding for Episcopal dioceses and churches that organise and send medical, dental and veterinarian bridges to designated medical mission stations of the episcopal Church and the wider Anglican Communion.
        • Maintains a personnel log of physicians, dentists, veterinarians, nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists, technologists, priests and translators who have been touched by the Holy Spirit but are not members of an established medical team.
        • Presents an annual conference, Adventures in episcopal Medical Ministries, during the first weekend of November.

        Area of work:  East Africa, West Africa, Central America.

        Number of staff:  (Board members) 4 officers and 12 trustees.

        Episcopal Partnership for Global Mission

        Administrator: Ms Donna Blackistone

        Address:  110 Trails End Road , Locust Grove , VA , 22508 , USA

        Tel: +1 540 972 1063

        Email: Click for Email


        Description of Organisation:

        The Episcopal Partnership for Global Mission (EPGM) enables Episcopalians to participate in God's global mission. EPGM was inaugurated in April 2000 with the participation of more than fifty mission-related organizations, including congregations, dioceses, voluntary agencies, networks and Executive Council. It builds on the Episcopal Council for Global Mission, formed in 1990, by drawing diverse mission efforts into a recognized relationship with General Convention and Executive Council. Affirming a shared theology of mission, EPGM implements tested covenants, carries out defined functions, fosters relationships in the Anglican Communion, and operates as a collaborative and non-hierarchical network.

        Programmes & Events:

        One annual meeting with invited Anglican partners, one major conference on key Issues such as "The Persecuted Church" or "Children at Risk" every few years.

        Area of work:  

        Member organizations work in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East.

        Episcopal Relief and Development

        Director: Ms Sandra S Swan

        Address:  ECUSA , 815 Second Avenue , New York , NY , 10017 , USA

        Tel: +1 212 716 6020

        Fax: +1 212 983 6377

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.er-d.org

        Description of Organisation:

        Episcopal Relief and Development (Formerly the Presiding Bishop's Fund for World Relief) is the major response of the Episcopal Church of the USA to help people in need in the US and around the world.

        Programmes & Events:

        ERD provides funds to relieve the suffering of those affected by natural and man-made disasters; undertakes the rehabilitation of homes, schools and lives; and provides grants for humanitarian programs in the US and worldwide. ERD works in collaboration with other partners form ECUSA and the Anglican Communion, as well as through ecumenical networks.

        Area of work:  

        Africa, Asia, Latin America, Caribbean, Middle East, Europe, North America.

        Episcopal World Mission, Inc

        Director: The Revd Kevin Higgins

        Address:  2116 Wingland , Bakersfield , CA , 93308 , USA

        Tel: +1 661 399 6156

        Fax: +1 661 399 6100

        Email: Click for Email

        Description of Organisation:

        The EWM recruits trains and sends missionaries to extend and equip the church with a vision of seeing the heart of Christ rooted in every culture in the world.

        Global Episcopal Mission Network (GEM)

        Executive Director: The Revd Mark Harris

        Address:  PO Box 246 , Federal Station , Newark , DE , 19715 , USA

        Tel: +1 770 879 0321

        Fax: +1 302 368 5744

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.gemn.org

        Description of Organisation:

        The GEM Network is an association of dioceses which seeks to fulfil their responsibilities as the Church's basic unit of mission by increasing the awareness, understanding, and participation of their congregations in global mission through prayer, education, financial support, and publication of opportunities; and by supporting one another in the receiving and sending of missionaries.

        Programmes & Events:

        The annual Mission Education Conference, a Manual for Mission Sending, Receiving and Discernment and a Mission Consultant for Diocesan and Regional Mission Development.

        Area of work:  

        East Africa, West Africa, Central and Southern Africa, Middle East,North Africa, South Asia, East Asia, Australasia & Pacific, South America, North America, Central America, Caribbean, Europe, Russia.

        Number of staff:  1 part time

        Our Little Roses Episcopal Foreign Mission Society

        President: Ms Beverley H Allison

        Address:  PO Box 464 , Somerset , VA , 22942 , USA

        Tel: +1 540 832 5141

        Fax: +1 540 832 2515

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.ourlittleroses.org

        Description of Organisation:

        Our Little Roses Episcopal Foreign Mission Society (OLRFMS) was originally chartered and incorporated in 1985 as the Committee to Assist the Episcopal Diocese of Honduras. The Society supports with money and mission personnel the work of Our Little Roses Ministries, including Our Little Roses residential home for girls, Holy Family bilingual school, medical and dental clinics, volunteers program and a ministry with the homeless. Our Little Roses Bed and Breakfast Hostels provides hospitality to groups and retreats.


        Director: The Revd Dr Jacques Paul Bossiere

        Address:  Christ Church , 17 Sagmore Road , Bronxville , NY , 10708 , USA

        Tel: +1 904 337 3544

        Fax: +1 904 337 2514

        Email: Click for Email

        Description of Organisation:

        The role of Rencontres-International is to maintain and develop ties among French-speaking Anglican churches and missions in the world (3 million Anglicans, 45 bishops) It supports especially the initiatives of Executive Council of Francophone Churches within the Anglican Communion. Rencontres-International is an NGO with consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

        Programmes & Events:

        Rencontres serves as a go between a huge network of Francophone dioceses and organisations. It seeks to obtain a variety of information at a local level and especially in the field of education. It works closely with ANITEPAM in Africa.

        Other programmes: Sunday Schools, Bible Schools, Catechists and readers. All their training has an emphasis for spiritual formation, on the spot training of nations within their own culture.

        Area of work:  All Africa, North America, Caribbean, Europe.

        Number of staff:  25

        Other offices:  USA: The Revd Mary Ellen Dolan, Christchurch, 7 Elm St, Westerley RI, USA
        Haiti: The Revd Oge Beauvoir, Trinity Church, Wall St, NY 02891, USA
        France: Canon Bernard Vignot, American Cathedral, 23 ave George V, 75008 Paris
        Canada: The Revd Canon David Oliver, St Thomas Church, 6897 Somerled Drive, Montreal H4V 1V2 Quebec, Canada

        Seamen's Church Institute International Training Centre

        Executive Director: The Revd Dr. Jean Smith

        Address:  118 Export Street , Port Newark , NJ , 17114 , USA

        Tel: +1 973 589 5828

        Fax: +1 973 589 7463

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.seamenschurch.org/itc/itcwork.htm

        Description of Organisation:

        The ITC program is designed to provide practical training in industrial mission work for international clergy and lay church workers of all denominations. Based in the Ports of New York and New Jersey, the course utilises the resources of this vital transportation hub. They have a rotating admission and offer training for the duration of 6, 8, & 10 months. The curriculum is one of study, action and reflection.

        Seminary Consultation on Mission (SCOM)

        Contact: The Revd Dr. Richard J Jones

        Address:  Virginia Theological Seminary , Alexandria , VA , 22304 , USA

        Tel: +1 703 461 1727

        Fax: +1 703 751 3047

        Email: Click for Email

        Description of Organisation:

        SCOM is a collaborative venture, formed under the auspices of the council of Deans, Inc., to strengthen the educational resources for national and international mission in the 11 accredited seminaries of The Episcopal Church.

        Sharing of Ministries Abroad, USA, Inc. (SOMA USA)

        National Director: Mrs Edwina Thomas

        Address:  5290 Saratoga Lane , Woodbridge , VA , 22193 , USA

        Tel: +1 703 878 7667

        Fax: +1 703 878 7015

        Email: Click for Email

        Description of Organisation:

        SOMA seeks to enable the church to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ by proclaiming the Kingdom of God and ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit. They do this through short term mission teams which serve at the invitation of the local Bishop. SOMA conducts renewal conferences for church leaders worldwide, they are also ecumenical in scope where it is possible and appropriate. The ministry's focus is on the diocesan, national or provincial church leadership who are encouraged and equipped so that they are able to work with congregations on the local level.

        Programmes & Events:

        SOMA's short term mission teams, composed of lay and clergy (of 2-9 people), to work in Anglican dioceses for periods from around 1-3 weeks. Several have gone on to become full time missionaries. They respond to requests and in true partnership the host provides conference expenses, (food, lodging, transport) Although they do not give grants, SOMA will help some host Dioceses with conference expenses.

        Area of work:  

        East Africa, West Africa, Central / Southern Africa, Middle East and North Africa, South Asia, East Asia, South America, North America, Central America, Caribbean, Europe, Australia and Pacific.

        Number of staff:  3 full time staff, 2 part time staff, 13 members of the board of directors, 102 missionaries in 1999, approx. 70 volunteers.

        Society of St Margaret

        Contact: Sr. Carolyn

        Address:  C/O Agape Flights Inc , 7990 15th Street East , Sarasota , FL , 43243 , USA

        Tel: +1 509 222 2011

        Fax: +1 509 222 2011

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.ssmbos.com

        Description of Organisation:

        This is an Episcopal religious community of women seeking to find Jesus present in worship, in the common life and in ministries in various cities in the USA, Canada and Haiti.

        Programmes & Events:

        The sisters in Port-au-Prince run a home for needy elderly women, teach at Holy Trinity School and St Vincent's School of the Handicapped, among other projects, and are encouraging more vocations among young Haitian women.

        South American Missionary Society (SAMS)

        Acting Executive Director: Mr Stuart Wicker

        Address:  PO Box 399 , Ambridge , PA , 15003 , USA

        Tel: +1 724 266 0669

        Fax: +1 724 266 5681

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.sams-usa.org

        Description of Organisation:

        SAMS sends long and short-term missionaries to Latin America and Spain to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ through work and deed. SAMS missionaries serve in a wide range of evangelistic and social ministries, including church planting and teaching, pastoral ministries, medical ministry and theological education.

        Programmes & Events:

        Through SAMS there are opportunities for missionary service that range all the way from one week to a career in mission. SAMS offers a training conference for short-term mission team leaders, and helps co-ordinate mission trips.

        Area of work:  South America, Central America, Europe.

        Number of staff:  5 full time staff 8 part time.

        The Order of the Daughters of the King

        Director of Operations: Ms Linda L Van

        Address:  101 Weatherstone Drive , Suite 870 , Woodstock , GA , 30188 , USA

        Tel: +1 770 517 8552

        Fax: +1 770 517 8066

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.dok-national.org

        Description of Organisation:

        The Order is made up of women in ECUSA, the Anglican Communion and churches in relation with the Anglican Communion or having a historic episcopate. Members pledge themselves to a rule of life of prayer, service and evangelism.

        The Self Denial Fund, supported by free will offerings from members, assists missionary projects and sends missionaries. The Intentional Chair who is in charge of the chapters outside the United States, and the Self Denial Chair are the two representatives to EPGM.

        The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK USA)

        Executive Director: The Revd Patrick Gahan

        Address:  Box 879 , Sewanee , TN , 37375 , USA

        Tel: +1 615 598 1476

        Fax: +1 615 598 1107

        Description of Organisation:

        SPCK/USA was formed in the University of the South in 1983. It began as part of the co-operating network of SPCK's in Great Britain, India, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. All of the individual Societies are autonomous. Its mission is to provide resources for Christian discipleship around the world. The society helps people explore and grow in the Christian faith through a variety of projects.

        Programmes & Events:

        Adopt-A-Seminary is an ongoing project that provides used theological texts to schools and seminaries in more than 126 countries. Provides books for study and worship, seminarian scholarships, grants to print and publish books and prayer book translations.

        Area of work:  

        East Africa West Africa, Central and Southern Africa Middle East & North Africa, South Asia East Asia, South America, North America Central America, Caribbean Europe.

        Number of staff:  3 staff members many volunteers, Board of Directors.

        Trinity Grants Program

        Deputy for Grants: The Revd Jamie Gaines Callaway Jr

        Address:  Trinity Parish Church , 74 Trinity Place , New York , NY , 10006-2088 , USA

        Tel: +1 212 602 0710

        Fax: +1 212 602 0717

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.trinitywallstreet.org

        Description of Organisation:

        Trinity Grants Program was established in 1971 to reach out across the communion to assist people to help themselves. It is a ministry of the Parish of Trinity Church, works in partnership with the Anglican churches and ecumenical consortiums, primarily in Africa. The professional staff investigates and evaluates requests for funding; make recommendations for funding to the Grants Board that meets four times a year; and monitors the conduct of the grant. At the end of the grant time frame, staff evaluates results for a formal report to the Board.

        Programmes & Events:

        • To strengthen spiritual formation and development in the Episcopal Church.
        • To meet the needs of Metropolitan New York.
        • To strengthen telecommunications in the Anglican Communion through network development and database creation.
        • To strengthen the church in the Global South through training programmes in theological Education by Extension, community development, primary and preventive health care, peace building and democratic participation, leadership and management.

        Area of work:  

        West Africa, East Africa, Central and Southern Africa, Middle East and North Africa, Asia and Pacific, South America, Central America, North America, Caribbean.

        Number of staff:  approx 7.

        The Church in Wales

        Archbishop's Advisors

        Address:  PCMM , 39 Cathedral Road , Cardiff , CF11 9XF , Wales

        Tel: +44 29 2023 1638

        Email: Click for Email

        Description of Organisation:

        A team of bishop's advisors take responsibility for advising on matters which need to concrn the national church.

        At national level there are other advisors for Communication and the Media, Creative resourses, Educaation, Lanugage policy and Social Concerns. Other Officers work at diocesan level.

        Number of staff:  16

        The Church in the Province of the West Indies

        Jamaica Church Missionary Society

        General Secretary: Mrs Enith Tulloch

        Address:  Church House , 2 Caledonia Avenue , Kingston 5 , Jamaica

        Tel: +1 876 926 8925

        Fax: +1 876 968 0618

        Email: Click for Email

        Web: www.jamaica.anglican.org

        Description of Organisation:

        The Jamaica Church Missionary Society is the recognised missionary agency of the Church in Jamaica & the Cayman Islands in the Province of the West Indies. The Society focuses on spreading the Gospel of Salvation with special relevance to human needs, as demonstrated by the life and ministry of the Incarnate Christ.

        The Society was established in 1861 as a subsidiary of the Church, intended to target those sections of Jamaica's population 'Hard to reach with the means of Grace'. For many years the Mission Stations established and maintained by the Society provided the only means of reaching the masses of the population with the Christian Gospel and basic elementary education.

        Programmes & Events:

        The specific functions of the society:
        • To plan evangelistic and teaching missions
        • Carry out an on-going program of evangelistic and social outreach
        • Undertake the dissemination of literature designed to educate and stimulate for greater involvement in mission on the part of the clergy and laity
        • Provide for training of lay leadership for the Missions
        • To accept responsibility for the establishment of Mission Stations in new areas
        • Raise funds for missionary work in Jamaica and overseas

        Area of work:  Caribbean

        The Church of Ceylon (E-P to the Archbishop of Canterbury)

        Anglican Inland Missionary Society

        Director: The Revd Sunil Ferdinanda

        Address:  88 Glennie Street , Colombo , 02 , Sri Lanka

        Tel: +94 1 334 481

        Description of Organisation:

        AIMS was founded in 1988 to fulfil the call of the 1988 Lambeth Conference for a Decade of Evangelism. It is part of the Anglican Church and is committed to carry out the Great Commission to make disciples. It started in faith and moves foward in faith and prayer.

        Programmes & Events:

        • Training of missionaries to work in mission in the inland areas.
        • Working together with Lanka Bible College and Colombo Theological Seminary.
        • Workers are sent to assist Dioceses in Sri Lanka at their request.

        Area of work:  Sri Lanka.