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Guidelines for ACC Networks in the Anglican Communion

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In December 1995 representatives of all the Networks met in London. The purpose of the meeting was to enable the Networks to report on their activities and experiences. A further objective was to seek a greater co-ordination of the work of the Networks and to establish more accurate information both about current and projected funding arrangements.

The meeting also reviewed the guidelines for Networks which has been adopted by the ACC Standing Committee in 1988. A revised set of guidelines was proposed and this along with a resume of the individual Network reports is the subject of this report.

Guidelines for Networks

Proposed December 1995

The Anglican Consultative Council may recognise Networks addressing particular themes and concerns throughout the Anglican Communion on application, in accordance with the following guidelines. The Networks shall be identified in the published edition of the minutes of the meeting of the Council.

1 Networks and the Anglican Communion

  1. The subject matter of the Network shall be consistent with and supportive of the initiatives of the Provinces and member churches of the Communion.
  2. The Network shall identify an acceptable process of accountability to the Anglican Consultative Council.
  3. Through the Secretary General the Network may propose subjects for consideration by the Anglican Consultative Council and shall be available whenever possible to consult on subjects on which its members hold expertise.
  4. The Secretary General of the Anglican Consultative Council shall call meetings of representatives of the Networks for mutual consultation from time to time and may on occasion invite representatives of the Networks to meet with the Joint Standing Committees.

2 Funding

  1. Networks are encouraged to seek funding for their budgets from any appropriate source, in consultation with the Secretary General.
  2. Networks receiving funds from the budget of the Anglican Consultative Council shall account for their use as required by the Standing Committee of the Council.
  3. Networks seeking all or part of their budget by general appeals to the Provinces and member churches of the Anglican Communion should obtain the permission of the Secretary General of the Anglican Consultative Council.