Mission - Companion Links

Diocese of Lainya - The Episcopal Church of the Sudan

Companion Diocesan Links have been a means of developing relationships and mutual partnership in mission throughout the dioceses and parishes of the Anglican Communion for many years. The Diocese of Lainya - The Episcopal Church of the Sudan is seeking a new link and has given information on the diocese below. If your diocese is interested in forming a link with them please respond directly to the Bishop.

To understand more of Anglican Diocesan Links please go to Guidelines for Companion Link Relationships

Province: Episcopal Church of the Sudan
Diocese: Diocese of Lainya
Bishop: Rt. Revd Peter Amidi
Episcopal Church Support Office
P.O. Box 7576 Kampala
East Africa
Telephone: +256 77 658753
Fax: +256 41 343497
Email: Petamidi@yahoo.com

Brief history of Diocese:

The Fourth General Synod of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan, approved the creation of Lainya Diocese on 21st March 1992. In August 1995, the House of the Bishops confirmed the election of the first Diocesan Bishop. Due to proximity of the Diocese to the war front line the Diocese was a scene of genocide and military struggle until it's liberation by SPLA from the Islamic Army. The first Bishop was therefore consecrated in Uganda in 1997 enthroned in 1999 in the Sudan . He resigned September 2002.

The current incumbent was elected 13 th February 2003, consecrated 14 th February enthroned in Lazarus Cathedral Lainya on 16th February 2003. He is assisted by 65 pastors serving in 48 parishes and 120 preaching centres where 287 lay readers, 248 evangelists and 300 MU reach out with gospel to the commandments.

Any previous or existing Links:

None except for the Provincial Link. No direct Links to any Diocese.

Reason for wanting a Link:

  • To build missions and evangelism relationships & Praying for one another.
  • To exchange mission visits and share personal & corporate experiences.
  • Upgrade & resource theological & integrated educational needs.
  • To promote mutual development in terms of holistic Ministry.
  • To broaden ecumenical dimension of participation in a challenging Christian Witnessing & Mission.

What expectations you have of the Link?

  • Furtherance of unity in diversity and building of strong relationship within the communion members.
  • Co-operation in the Holistic Ministry.
  • Exchange of pastoral visits (Bishop, Clergy & Laity).

What part of the world you would like your Link to be?

In the North: Germany, Sweden, Britain and Ireland.
In the South: Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand, East African countries and South Korea .

Describe the style and patterns of church life and ministry in your diocese.

A vibrant and strong faith led church that upheld the Christian faith in period of religions prosecution, war, devastation and poverty for more than a decade since its inception. Inspite of all limitations evangelism, youth and women ministry are exceedingly strong. Worship and Mission remained unabated and ever-growing: coming out of isolation as a 'Front Line Diocese' by God's grace the Diocese is poised to challenging times ahead in spiritual and temporal rehabilitation; reconstruction and Holistic Ministry.

Would you like your Link diocese to reflect or contrast with the pattern described above?

In spirit of diversity the Link Diocese can reflect or contrast.


Signature of Bishop: Signed   Date: 22nd October 2005