Mission - Companion Links

Diocese of Multan - The Church of Pakistan (United)

Companion Diocesan Links have been a means of developing relationships and mutual partnership in mission throughout the dioceses and parishes of the Anglican Communion for many years. The Diocese of Multan - The Church of Pakistan (United) is seeking a new link and has given information on the diocese below. If your diocese is interested in forming a link with them please respond directly to the Bishop.

To understand more of Anglican Diocesan Links please go to Guidelines for Companion Link Relationships

Province: Province of the Church in Pakistan
Diocese: Diocese of Multan
Bishop: The Rt. Revd John Victor Mall
Address: 113. Qasim Road, P.O. Box # 204, Multan Cantt Pakistan
Telephone: 92 (0) 61 588799
Fax: 92 (0) 61 588799
Email: Bishopmd@mul.paknet.com.pk

Brief history of Diocese:

Multan Diocese, Church of Pakistan covers remote, rural region and spans a vast area of 500 by 200 Kilometres. The Multan Diocese, Church of Pakistan is obeying the great command of our Lord Jesus Christ, to proclaim love and sympathy to every human being. The Diocese has established 41 parishes to meet pastoral and evangelistic care of round about one hundred thousand Christians within it. 19 Presbyters, 10 Deacons and 12 Catechises look after these parishes. The Diocese aims at becoming self-supporting in looking after their parishes. The Diocese is rich in this way and the value of this must not be lost amidst the dire financial situation and abject poverty. There is much to be done but there is also much to be thankful for as well.

Any previous or existing Links:


Reason for wanting a Link:

For sharing Ministries being carried on with each other and getting new ideas for the effective proclamation of the word of God in the non Christian context.

What expectations you have of the Link?

The community living in Multan Diocese expects to be directly in communion with The Community living at a considerable distance.

What part of the world you would like your Link to be?

Canada or any part of the world.

Describe the style and patterns of church life and ministry in your diocese.

Multan Diocese consists of the following districts:

  1. Multan
  2. Stuntzabad
  3. Khanewal
  4. Bahawalpur
  5. Muzaffargarh

It has various programmes to help spiritually and socially:

  • Pastoral Work
  • Sunday School
  • Youth Work
  • Education Programme
  • Agricultural Extension Programme
  • Village Development & Health Programme

Would you like your Link diocese to reflect or contrast with the pattern described above?

Any Pattern.


Signature of Bishop: Signed   Date: 21 October 2004