Mission - Companion Links

Diocese of El-Obeid - The Episcopal Church of the Sudan

Companion Diocesan Links have been a means of developing relationships and mutual partnership in mission throughout the dioceses and parishes of the Anglican Communion for many years. The Diocese of El-Obeid - The Episcopal Church of the Sudan is seeking a new link and has given information on the diocese below. If your diocese is interested in forming a link with them please respond directly to the Bishop.

To understand more of Anglican Diocesan Links please go to Guidelines for Companion Link Relationships

Province: The Episcopal Church of the Sudan
Diocese: Diocese of El-Obeid
Bishop: The Rt Revd Ismael Gibreil Abudigin
Address: Episcopal Church of the Sudan Diocese of El-Obeid
P.O. Box 211, El-Obeid, Western Sudan
Telephone: 06118-37173 or Mobil 091225345

Brief history of Diocese:

The Diocese of El-Obeid was created after Episcopal Church of the Sudan split and the reconciliation of 1992. The Diocese first Bishop was the Rt Revd Mubark Khamis Korkil, former Bishop of Kadugli. St Peter Church in the town of El-Obeid was dedicated on 7th February 1932 by Bishop Gwynne and the first pastor was the Revd Philip in 1960. The area is under the influence of Islam. Philip joined politic.
El-Obeid remained under Khartoum, till the consecration and enthronement of Bishop Mubark in 1984.

Any previous or existing Links:

The direct existing link is with the Diocese of the Bradford in England.
Second existing link is with the Diocese of Salisbury through the provincial link with Salisbury.

Reason for wanting a Link:

  • To strengthen our relationship through prayers for one another.
  • Exchange our different experiences, spiritual and administrative.
  • Benefit from your administrative experiences and understanding and training.
  • Exchange encouragement and sad stories.
  • And support one another in the times of needs.

What expectations you have of the Link?

  • I expect our relationship to be strengthen, spiritually and physically.
  • Our faith will be strengthen by the exchange our visit and by the encouragement and sad stories.
  • We shall have more understanding of one another.
  • And some of our needs will be met.

What part of the world you would like your Link to be?

  • Two from the Western part of the world.
  • One from the Eastern part of the world.
  • One from the Southern part of the world

Describe the style and patterns of church life and ministry in your diocese.

Our Church follows the Anglican pattern of worship but the life style is charismatic. We feel free to expressed our faith in praising the Lord loudly and we do practice the ministry of healing in the Church and outside. The witness to the Muslim people by giving them Bibles. We evangelise through youth, women workers, evangelists, deacon, pastors and lay readers. The method used are healing, open air or public preaching, schools, good relationships, we hope for medical method and improvement of schools methods by God’s grace.

Would you like your Link diocese to reflect or contrast with the pattern described above?

Yes, I would like the link Diocese to reflect or contrast the pattern above for better understanding and growth.


Signature of Bishop: Signed   Date: 24 September 2004