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Prayers for the Mission of the Church

Being Sent

Send out your Spirit in all Creation
and fill the world with your glory.
Fire us with your power
Light us with your Word
And feed us with your living Bread.
Sheffield Diocese: England
O God our Father, as you sent your Son, send us into this your world with your compelling love.  Help us by your Spirit, to share your Gospel of love and forgiveness, of justice and peace, of compassion and care.  Revive your Church and save your people. Through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.
Diocese of Southwell: England


Response 'renew us in your love
Pour out your Spirit on this land that we may know the things belonging to your peace.
Lord, in your mercy...
Pour out your spirit upon the Church that we may be found faithful in witness. 
Lord, in your mercy...
Pour out your Spirit upon on our diocese that we may be united in the work to which you have called us.
Lord in your mercy...
Church of Ireland Book of Occasional Prayer
Diocese of Cork, Cloyne and Ross: Ireland

Pour out your Spirit upon our parish that our fellowship may be built up in love. 
Lord, in your mercy... Pour out your Spirit upon our families that Christ may dwell with us. 
Lord, in your mercy...
Pour out your Spirit upon me that I may live in Christ.
Lord, in your mercy...
Armagh 21 Century Forward Together
Diocese of Armagh: Ireland


God of mountain, river and plain, of scattered centres and rural town,
of people black and white,
Inspire us by your Spirit with the message of your Good News,
And fill us with desire to share your love with all.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.
Diocese of Bathurst: Australia
God our heavenly Father, you revealed to us your only Son Jesus Christ who became the reconciler of your people to you through His awful death on the cross.  He chose disciples to continue teaching and revealing him as Lord and Saviour.  We ask you to open our hearts and let Christ live in us that we would be His present and future disciples for His mission.  We pray that the radiant rays of the Holy Spirit may inspire, and strengthen us to preach Christ Jesus as Lord, Saviour and life giver throughout the world.  In Jesus’ name we pray.   Amen.
Diocese of Central Zambia: Central Africa


Almighty God, whose will it is that all should be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth; Send forth labourers into the harvest, that all may know you, the one true God, and Jesus Christ whom you sent, our only Lord and Saviour.  Amen
NZ Board of Mission: New Zealand
Almighty and everlasting God, who desires that all may be saved, the harvest is plentiful but labourers are few.  Send more labourers into the field. Men and women, who will yield unconditionally to your divine service.  And as your Son, our Lord said if he be lifted up from the earth, he would draw all men unto him.
Grant that these labourers shall be vessels unto honour in your hands, through whom love will reach to those who know you not, and that soon the knowledge of you will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea and the kingdoms of the world become your Kingdom, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.
Diocese of Jalingo: Nigeria


Loving and Eternal God, you never fail us.  Touch your Church with your loving kindness.  May your bishops who bear the vision of your Church lead us in fulfilling your will.  May the clergy minister as faithful pastors the flock committed to their care, and may the people of God be continually renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit so as to give praise and glory to you.  Through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.
The Revd Canon Roger Chung
Decade of Evangelism Co-ordinator
Province of the Indian Ocean

Almighty God and Heavenly Father, we praise and glorify your Holy Name for your constant love and wisdom.  We pray for all evangelism co-ordinators, teams and all resource persons around the world. May you open your blessing and wisdom to strengthen your dear sons and daughters who have dedicated their time and life to promote and expand your message of salvation. Protect and guide your servants and may your Name be praised.  We do submit before you our evangelism strategies for the next millennium that you should bless them and make them a success.  In the Lord’s Name we pray.  Amen.
The Episcopal Church of the Sudan
We pray, O Lord, for the Bishops and Clergy and lay pastors.  Empower them with your calling to exercise faithful ministry of evangelism.  Give them, O Lord, a fruitful harvest, especially in the establishment of new congregations and the strengthening of existing ones.  May they do all things to the honour and glory of your Son Jesus Christ.  Amen.
Diocese of Honduras: Central America


Good Lord, we pray for the generation in the Third Millennium, so that through them you would build a strong and spiritual Church   Amen.
Diocese of Buye: Burundi


This is my whole life, O Lord: 
to know your word and teach it;
to know your word and live it. 
Teach me, O Lord, to proclaim what you teach
and to live how you live; through Jesus Christ.  Amen.
Diocese of Jos: Nigeria
Lord God
Renew your Church
and begin with me,
Heal our land
tend our wounds
And make us one,
And use us in your service;
For Jesus Christ’s sake
Lord of the Church
Make us the Church of the Lord.  Amen.
Diocese of Natal: Southern Africa
Heavenly light, look on me
Give your blessing Oh I cry
Confused and troubled in this world
Look upon me save my soul.
Thou art the noble son who dispels misery
The Hero of Golgotha who saved this world
The Bountiful ‘Gupera’ with blessings most
The most precious gift to a sinner like me
Thou art the Good News needed most
The eternal life that renews every soul
The God of God who shows the way of salvation
The wisest Counsel who sought to help a fool like me.
Tamil: Sri Lanka
Father in Heaven, as I walk along the streets, help me to pray for the people I meet who seem to be worn or worried.  Save me form grumbling about the state of this country.  I ask for the help of the Holy Spirit in being your witness and presence in your world today.  Amen.
The Rt Revd John Sentamu
Diocese of Stepney, London UK


We confess that we have been so busy with the mending nets
that we have forgotten to go to fish.
Make us today fishermen
so that even if we come back home without fish we will be happy
because we have fed a lot of them.  For Christ sake.  Amen
Diocese of South Western Brazil
Almighty God, the Father of our Saviour Jesus Christ, you lowered and humbled yourself for our sake, you also invited us to "Come and let us reason together with you".  May we be reminded of your unselfish love in that you loved us and gave your son Jesus Christ.  Help us to be ready to forgive and forget just as you always forgive and forget our sins.  Through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.
Anglican Church of Kenya
Too often we are without love, ungracious, foolish and wondering in darkness.  We live in our own confusion and it is a cold fearsome place.  Lift our eyes to your son, the Christ of Calvary, in all his stark loneliness that we might know the sweetness of being forgiven, the fragrance of being accepted, the power of being set free for service, the joy of being strengthened in faith.  In the warm fellowship of your people awakened by the Holy Spirit, refresh us and renew us, challenge us and change us that, resting in the warm cradle of our Father's love, we may be channels of the love, grace, wisdom and light of the Lord Jesus, that his kingdom may be displayed and his Church re-created through him who served in humility and reigns in glory ever Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Newhills Parish Church, Aberdeen, Scotland

Spiritual Warfare

The Battle Belongs to the Lord
Lord Jesus, the Captain of the Army, enable us to recognise your leadership as we fight to set mankind free from the power of evil.  Under your leadership we will win.  Help us never to depend on our own energy and resources only.  Give us fresh vision of your as we march on to conquer new territories for you.  Amen.
Bishop Henry Orombi
Diocese of Nebbi,  Uganda


O God our heavenly Father,
you are the Author and source of the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.
Grant us vision for evangelism now and into the next millennium.
We pray for the poor the maimed and displaced, we pray for theological students from our
institutions, may they be aware of the commandment and commission. 
Make us to be light and salt of the Earth.
Within all the pomp and pageantry of our tradition, make the people to see that humble Galilee, in
whose name we ask.  Amen.
Province of Myanmar
Vision and direction from on High
Father God, whose desire is for every nation, tribe, people and language to be saved.  Lord we who are your chosen ones, seek direction for the salvation of the people of our land and beyond, for without knowledge your people perish.  Amen
Diocese of West Malaysia,  South East Asia
Father, pour out your Spirit upon your people,
and grant us:
 a new vision for your glory
a new faithfulness to your word,
a new consecration to your service,
that your love may grow among us, and your Kingdom come.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.
Diocese of Bunbury:  Australia


Almighty God, by your grace you have given us new life in Jesus Christ.  By your Spirit you have called us to proclaim His Name throughout the world.  Awaken in us such a love for you and your work that in the Decade of Evangelism we may so boldly proclaim Jesus Christ in word and deed that all people may come to know him as Saviour and follow him as Lord, to the glory of your name. Amen.
Anglican Fellowship of Prayer
Diocese of Central Newfoundland: Canada

Almighty God, we praise you for the joy of belonging to you, and for the joy of knowing that you love all people with the same everlasting love.  You have made us so different from each other, and yet in Jesus Christ we are one community of diverse races, cultures and languages.  As you have sent your Son into the world to do your will, so give us the courage and the strength to accept his call to be his witnesses, and to do his will that your Church here on earth may fulfil the purpose of your salvation; through the same Jesus Christ our Lord, who loves and reigns with you, and the Holy Spirit, ever one God, now and ever.  Amen.
May we follow your commandment
To become witness of the Lord to the end of the earth
Let us proclaim the Gospel to the poor, the blind,
The prisoners, and the least elsewhere
Inspired by the faith of the evangelists followed Jesus Christ
So that we may open 40 new churches
Through which we may dedicate our prayer,
Sacrifice and life for your love.
The Anglican Church of Korea
Almighty God, make us faithful witnesses in the mission of your Church during this
Decade of Evangelism.  Help us to seek justice, work for healing and salvation of
our nations (Vanuatu and Solomon Islands).  Renew and empower us with your Holy
Spirit for the establishment of your Kingdom in these islands so diverse in tongue
and race through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.
The Church of the Province of Melanesia