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A Covenant for Communion in Mission Extract from IASCOME Report

The basic purpose of the Inter Anglican Standing Commission on Mission and Evangelism is to enable the sharing of information and reflection, and the facilitation of relationships across provinces and synodical and voluntary mission agencies. Its membership includes representatives both of synodical and voluntary mission agencies from every region of the Anglican Communion.

Although mission is carried on within each province, the underlying principle of the Communion that each church needs the wider church to assist, critique and provide stimulation, argues for some real but light international co-ordination of mission and evangelism across provinces and mission agencies.  The expanding diversity of mission connections within the Communion, the priority given to mission and evangelism by the Decade of Evangelism, and the 1988 and 1998 Lambeth Conferences, all pointed to the continuation of the Standing Commission on Mission for the Anglican Communion.

Although the Partners in Mission process and the Decade of Evangelism have come to an end, they served to give cohesion to the Communion and identified principles to guide relationships in mission.  Their influence and effects continue.  While there does not seem to be much interest in communion-wide programmes at the present time, what can be helpful is a fresh articulation of the principles and values that can serve to guide our cross-cultural and cross boundary relationships in mission and undergird our mission life as a Communion. 

This is what IASCOME, in its report (Communion in Mission) to ACC13, offers in its proposal for a Covenant for Communion in Mission.

ACC-13 commends this covenant for communion in mission to the churches of the Anglican Communion for study and application.  It will also be discussed alongside of the Anglican Covenant commended by the Windsor Report by the appropriate bodies of the Anglican Communion.

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