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Towards a Global Anglican Relief and Development Alliance - A Consultation Document


About this Consultation

For the past year, since the conclusion of the 2008 Lambeth Conference, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Secretary General of the Anglican Communion Office have worked together to take forward the recommendation for the establishment of a new way for Anglicans to work together globally for relief and development.

This recommendation reflected the evident urgency that bishops attached to combating the scandal of poverty and their recognition that doing so required concerted and coordinated Communion action. This recommendation has greater urgency today than ever before – the global financial crisis has exacerbated in many parts of the Communion a pre-existing socio-economic crisis marked by widespread poverty, under-employment, growth in inequality and difficult social conditions. 

Against this worsening background of marginalisation and inequality, Lambeth Palace and the Anglican Communion Office convened a group of development practitioners and experts from across the Communion to consider and assess existing development and relief practice. Following a meeting at Lambeth Palace in January 2009, the task of giving shape and meaning to the specific Lambeth Conference recommendation was entrusted to an expert Steering Committee. The results of these deliberations are set out in the pages that follow and they are submitted to you for your consideration and comment.

The Anglican Alliance - Leaflet

The Anglican Alliance Leaflet
The Anglican Alliance Leaflet

This is a collaborative venture. The Alliance will exist as its participants, working at local, regional and global levels to share skills and jointly build capacity. It will not be a separate entity. The participants in grassroots activities will include:
• provinces and dioceses of the Anglican Communion
• departments of specialised development ministry of a member Church
• Anglican mission, relief or development organisations associated with at least one Church or Province of the Anglican Communion