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The Baptist World Alliance invited the Anglican Consultative Council to undertake a five-year programme of bi-lateral conversations with them between 2000 and 20005. The conversations did not aim to overcome theological difference, but rather to explore the way in which Christian faith and witness is shared by Anglicans and Baptists in different regions of the world. The Report Conversations around the World 2000 to 2005 was published in 2005 and is in two parts. The first part of the book explores themes of theological convergence and difference, while the second part sets out some of the creative ways in which Anglicans and Baptists have engaged in co-operation in life and mission across the globe.


Conversations Around the World 2000-2005

Conversations Around the World Book Cover
Conversations Around the World Book Cover

This publication contains an engaging record of a fresh way to undertake dialogue, and offers valuable insights which prompt both theological reflections and instance of practical Co-operation in Mission between Anglican and Baptists.

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