The Listening Process

A Study Guide For use at the Lambeth Conference 2008 on: The Process of Listening to Gay and Lesbian people and Mutual Listening on Human Sexuality


In their recent meeting in Dar Es Salaam, the Primates of the Anglican Communion were informed of the monitoring process of work done by each of the Provinces of the Communion on the subject of human sexuality. They said:

“We look forward to this material being made more fully available across the Communion for study and reflection, and to the preparation of material to assist the bishops at 2008 Lambeth Conference.”

In accordance with the wish of the Primates, the summaries are published on . They are accompanied by a request for materials from groups, dioceses and individuals which will form the basis of a Study Guide to assist the bishops at the 2008 Lambeth Conference.

Discussions at meetings of the St Augustine’s Seminar and at the Primates meeting, have been developed by the Facilitator assisted by educational consultants and SPCK.

These have been affirmed by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

In his affirmation, the Archbishop of Canterbury is asking for material to be sent to the Facilitator of the Listening Process by individuals, groups or dioceses so their voices can be added to the official responses received from each Province.

The Study Guide will be structured in a way which, we hope, will encourage dialogue.

The collection of the resources and their publication is intended to be guided by Anglican principles, based on a Biblical model in accordance with Anglican tradition in a reasoned manner.

All are encouraged to participate.