The Listening Process

Reports from the Provinces - Iglesia Anglicana de Mexico.

The Church was founded 150 years ago as a reform movement in the dominant Roman Catholic Church which was welcomed into the Anglican Communion. From the beginning it was associated with liberal politics within a society which was often repressive. The Church continues in the tradition of its fathers and offers the love of God to all, reaching out to those who have been rejected in the society and by the dominant Church.

Until the late 1960s and early 1970s gay and lesbian people were repressed in the society and in the Church. There is still some repression, but there is also a 'live and let live' attitude within the society.

The Church has not had, nor felt the need for, a formal listening process. It is open to all people, including lesbian and gay Christians who are accepted and not labelled within the congregations of the Church. The ministry of lesbian and gay clergy is valued in the Church.

The bishops feel that this is not the right time to consider the blessing of same sex unions and so they have not brought the issue to General Synod.

An ecumenical gay and lesbian group meets regularly at the Cathedral of the Diocese of Mexico City.

The Province of Mexico sees itself as an open, welcoming and inclusive Church which takes its Baptismal Covenant seriously. The Church ministers to gay and lesbian people unconditionally as a natural part of its life and witness.