The Listening Process

Reports from the Provinces - Nippon Sei Ko Kai (The Anglican Communion in Japan).

The culture of Japan regards sexuality as a subject not to be talked about. Homosexuality was taboo and not approved of in any way and homosexual people were discriminated in the work place, but this has changed. While there is some discrimination, the society is more accepting. Same sex unions are not recognised by the law.

Despite this more people are coming out as gay and lesbian in the community.

The House of Bishops has informally discussed their attitude to homosexual people. When approached by lesbian and gay people, they do not refuse baptism. They are accepting of gay and lesbian people. This has come to be known in some parts of the lesbian and gay community.

The culture does not allow for talking about sexuality and so there is little awareness in the congregations of the presence or otherwise of lesbian or gay people and no need, or way of talking about that. In this context it is hard for listening to happen but the Church is continuing to be accepting and to value all people.