The Listening Process

Reports from the Provinces - Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui (Hong Kong Anglican Church).

Hong Kong is continuing to follow its successful path within the nation of China, but with a different political, economic and judicial system to the rest of the nation. The church has to give a lot of time to working out its relationship with the Hong Kong SAR government, especially over schools.

The issue of homosexuality in this context is not a pressing one among others. Chinese culture finds it hard to talk about and there is little enthusiasm for open discussion of such a difficult issue.

While the existence of homosexuality has been acknowledged for centuries, Hong Kong has been influenced by Western Culture. Homosexuality was decriminalised about twenty years ago. The age of consent is 21 (it is 18 for heterosexuals). There are calls for no discrimination from human rights groups and there are gay pride activities in Hong Kong.

Gay and lesbian people are welcome in the church. Sexuality is not talked about even in private conversations and so no labels are given or judgements made. Gay and lesbian people are offered pastoral care as would be to any person.

Care for the family is a serious concern to the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui. The church is involved in pre-marriage camps to educate couples and by supporting marriage and family life. The existence of gay couples is not seen as a threat to married life.