The Anglican Communion and Homosexuality

Growing Together in Unity and Mission Book Cover
The Anglican Communion and homosexuality Book Cover

This book seeks to help you and fellow Anglicans around the Communion as we continue to explore together the complex mystery of human sexuality and the shape of faithful Christian discipleship in this area. Its purpose is to offer clear and accurate resources to bishops, clergy and lay people from men and women across the Communion with a wide variety of experience and expertise. The hope is that these resources will help us listen to one another - as individual Christians, within local churches and across the Communion as a whole - and listen to God.

These webpages seek to offer further resources to assist in your exploration of what God is saying to you and to us as a Communion. We were unable to include bibliographies in the book and these appear on this website. In addition we offer submissions which were sent to us.

The Anglican Communion does not recommend or endorse any of the works in the bibliographies or any of the submissions. The resources provided are intended to enable mutual listening and are made available for study, discussion and reflection within each member Church of the Communion as requested by Resolution 12 of ACC13.

Order from SPCK at or local bookshops. Great Britain, SPCK, 2007: ISBN 978-0-281-05963-8.





Andrew Goddard and Phil Groves

Part 1

Listening and Mission

Ian T. Douglas and Michael Poon

Listening and Dialogue

Janet Marshall and Charley Thomas

Part 2

The Witness of Scripture

Phil Groves, John Holder and Paula Gooder

The Witness of Tradition

Jaci Maraschin, Samson Fan and Phil Groves

Homosexualities and Culture

Terry Brown, Victor Atta-Baffoe and Phil Groves

Part 3

Sexuality and Identity

Janet Trisk and Sue Burns

Christian Spirituality and Sexuality

Joseph Galgalo and Debbie Royals

Part 4

The Witness of Science

David de Pomerai and Glynn Harrison

The Writers

Biographical information about the writers can be found here