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Grandparents' salvation - Gabriel

02 May 2016

Please pray for my grandparents to come to know Jesus. They are very old and in poor health. Pray that God will touch their lives.

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Need Deliverance/Healing

02 May 2016

Pray God heals/delivers me once and for all from the grip of paranoia, depression, and anxiety in my life. I desperately want to believe and trust God, but I'm scared that He doesn't care about my emotional pain, so it isn't safe to fully trust Him. Pray He helps me see and believe the truth. Pray He proves to me more everyday that He really does care and is helping me. Pray He provides some sort of obvious clues to me that my life will get better soon, that I have plenty left to look forward to and live for. Pray I soon have so much hope and joy that they wash away all the power of my painful memories away. Pray this hope and joy stays in my life for a long time.

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Walk in love

02 May 2016

Please pray for David Duggan that the Holy Spirit will fill him with love.

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a job for my son

01 May 2016

Dear lord I'm praying for a job for my son a trade . praying for a friend who could help,to get back intouch.praying for spiritual wisdom to understand my lifes purpose. thank you lord for all the blessings in our lifes ,food water shealter medicens,grace.lord I want to beable to give something back into my community.please help me to identify any talents to use.thank you armen

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New home

30 April 2016

I've been told that I have to leave my resident by end of May and I need prayers to find a place to call home so I can continue to live with my pets and shelter ones as well.

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Desperately need hope for living!!! - Elizabeth

30 April 2016

Please pray God soon shows me that He cares about my pain and will help me. I want so much to just shut down and cry all the time. I'm doing everything I can to pray and draw closer to God but my life has barely changed. I can't stand this emotional pain any longer! Pray God gives me the strength to keep going. Pray God soon causes good things to happen to me that give me a glimpse of what I have to look forward to in the near future. I desperately need hope!!! Pray my hope in His help isn't in vain.

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Luna and Oscar - Craig

30 April 2016

Please pray for full healing for both Luna and Oscar, for strength for both of them and their respective families. Thank you and may God bless.

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Thanking The Lord

29 April 2016

I praise God that Brothet Trenton will be ordained a deacon in the Roman Catholic Church in May.

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undeserverd faver from the lord

29 April 2016

dear lord I feel far from you,am lost and need help I need to find my way back to living your truth.i need help also for my family .thank you armen

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healing for my friends son

29 April 2016

please I would like to request prayers for my friends son,who as mental health problems he hears voices and he gets really friend is always anxious and worried.i would be grateful if someone would come into a grement with me for his healing.also am praying for anyone especially on this prayer wall who are suffering in the mind.i really believe and trust in the lords grace for his mercyis new each day and his love is thanks to the lord and also thanking you all who pray for this family.

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