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prayer for peace in the world - shonisani

06 October 2015

Let be piece in the whole world.give every member wisdom sothat we may know you o God and love you the way you love us

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a prayer for mothers

06 October 2015

dear lord am praying for all mothers today.praying alongside those who have to flee there homes because of persecution.
praying that their basic needs ,food shealter and a safe place to stay.praying for peace in their lives and protection for their loved ones.
thank you lord for all my family blessings and for are safety.I appricate this time of peace in ourlives ,but my heart and prayers are with other mums who are in distress or truma.

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05 October 2015

Dear god please protect me from my family.Please help amends to be made to me change there mind's and heart's.Please protect me from stealing.I pray that you stop them and i can have a house one that i am proud of and feel comfortable in.I pray that i can forgive all who have hurt me and any one i have hurt i pray can forgive me.I pray for Christopher.I pray for Kevin and all in my school help me to be a great driver and safe and never get into an accident or get a ticket.Please help everything to be ok and my mother to send me what belongs to me.Please go deep into her mind and have her make amends to me.I pray for joe's prayer list.I pray for Andrea,john help my brother to come over to my side.I pray for emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence and wisdom i pray my lesson's are light.Clean me and make me white as snow.I pray i will be in a beautiful place and i pick the best spot.Please keep meth addict's away from me.I pray people are polite to me so i can cope.Help me with my concentration.I pray my back and skin heals.Help me to be strong body mind and soul.I need you in my life thank you so much for your gift's please a home.I love you im sorry please forgive me.Peace and love peace and love!AMEN

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persacuted christans around the world

05 October 2015

praying for all persecuted christens in the middle east and around the world.praying for parents having to witness the murder of there children and loved ones.dear lord just don't know what to do or how to help.lord I just leave them in your loving care.thank you all for praying.

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A Prayer for the Religious Life

03 October 2015

Lord God, you call us into the body of your Son as members one of another. We thank you for all those who you call to live in community, for the monks and nuns, brothers and sisters of the Religious Communities within the Anglican Communion. We pray for an increase in vocations, and for your strengthening grace for all who are called to this way of life, that the church may know the radical demands of the Gospel, and that its life of prayer may be deepened. This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

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Salvation prayers

03 October 2015

Please pray that Mrs. Cara Taylor would surrender her life to The Lord Jesus. Thank you.

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The Franciscan order worldwide

02 October 2015

Please pray for God's blessings on all members of the Franciscan order throughout the world as they gather to honor their founder on October 4.

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I need a job - Stefan

02 October 2015

Brothers and sisters in christ,i'm stefan.please pray for me so i can get a new job as soon as possible

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A job for Divya

01 October 2015

Please pray that my friend, Divya, obtains employment soon. She has been looking for a long time without success.

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Please pray for my only Child

01 October 2015

Please join me in my relentless prayer for my daughter's health, She needs to reach her milestones and catch up with her peers. she needs to overcome her health issues, so that both her and the whole family can enjoy our lives. Holy Father please step into this situation and make her a healthy child who speaks, learns new things quickly and interacts with others like she should. Thank you.

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