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27 July 2015

Heavenly Father here is your Son praying for help from you The Almighty God especially during this period of struggling for Tuition for my Education at this Bachelors degree level,let me be able to rise the amounts expected of me,let you become my sponsor,let me be able to grasp what is to be taught so as to pass the exams,let be saved from life threats and let me be able to sustain my family need along side the Church and School.Thank you Lord,Amen.

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26 July 2015

I am having increasing health issues due to arthritis and a back injury. I am worried I won't be able to work and will be unable to support myself. Please pray that I recover enough to keep my job.

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25 July 2015

please pray for healing of my in deep need .finding life difficult. please pray for my children and please pray for a way out of this wilderness..thank you

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a prayer to develope my education

24 July 2015

lord if it be your will for my life I would like to go to unervisity,i no iv got a long way to achive this goal,bu tam willing to work hard .am willing to try what ever the out come.thank you whatever you decide for my life armen..thank you for all the help through other people you've given me.i grateful to you and also for the people kindness who are helping to build me back up.

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thanks giving to the lord for todays peace

22 July 2015

thank you lord for giving me peace and calm in my mind today.praying for all who are suffering in the mind or mental health.praying for all who are suffering who have got no one to pray for them,but you lord see us all.armen

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Pray for My sister who faces police charges - is

20 July 2015

My sister caused an accident. She knocked a person. please pray for her.

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4 Hekp - Elijah Bittok lau

20 July 2015

Praise Jesus hope yu r okey i am st.paul theological i needy prayer 4 mai studies an family

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The right business idea - Ian

18 July 2015

May God give me the right business idea for the right city.

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God's guidance

18 July 2015

Merciful Father I thank you for being with me this far.Lord I'm aware of your grace and presence in my leadership position.Thank you lord for all the successful events I,ve hosted in my parish.Father I pray that you may continue to protect me from the jaws of the devil.Help me achieve the best for this parish.Give me your blessed plans and guide me in doing good.Lord Jesus Christ please give me strength to andure all the criticism and back stabbing that is present in your church.Father I'm standing in your promises.Youu said you will never leave ma nor forsake me.
Thank you for answering my prayers Lord.Amen

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Please pray for my business - H Williams

17 July 2015

God has truly provided me with a wonderful little business which is growing and benefiting a large number of people from all walks of life.
But there comes the devil who is trying to disrupt Gods plan. I am Anglican christian person carrying out what The Lord has commissioned me to do. I am doing this business because of The Lord. Please pray this prayer with me in Christ name. May Gods blessing be upon you.

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