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my son who is abusing nyaope and dagga - Mabulie

25 April 2015

Lord help my son from the chronic addiction.Father he is slowly dying physically and mentally.He has sold all his possessions,has stolen a lot of our possessions and is stealing from strangers and selling all these for buying nyaope.Christ help him out of this horrible situation.We are standing on your faithful promises.
Lord in your mercy,hear my prayer

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perscuted christans in syria

25 April 2015

lord praying for mercy for all refugees who our fleeing for their lifes,praying for mothers with children to care for .also for the elderly.who have to leave their homes.for the sick who have no medicines,for the dieing,crying out for them lord who cant cry out ,standing alongside them in prayer,trusting in you r unfailing love you never forsake any of us.armen

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25 April 2015

please pray for generational curses be broken from my family and please pray for my children salvation,who have now grown up andare slowly falling away from the faith.iv tried so very hard to bring them up in the faith.there really good kids but my lifes prayer is to see them back strong in there faith and to no jesus .carlan jenny a prodical family.lord you aiways hear the prayers of a mother,am believing and trusting for our family forhealing our brokenness.armen.

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The refugees fleeing persecution around the world - Anne

23 April 2015

God, I pray for all people in the world who this day are leaving their homes and fleeing the severe persecution they have experienced. They leave behind homes and all they have known for a perilous and unknown future. Please, God, be with them and their rescuers as they try to reach safety. Bless those willing to help as these desperate people; may they reach a safe shore and hearts and hands ready to receive them. And give me a mind to help those nearer to me wherever I can.
I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ our savior.

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Martina update

23 April 2015

Thanks to everyone who responded to my April 3 posting. Martina had surgery today for removal of a brain tumor. All went well, there were no complications.

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23 April 2015

Upliftment and wide spread of the gospel of God and his kingdom across the whole world

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Thoughts and Prayers for our Brothers and Sisters in Pakistan - Andrew in Massachusetts

23 April 2015

Please Lord,

Grant Your Peace and Love to the hearts, minds and lives of our opressed Brothers and Sisters in Pakistan. Give them the strength to carry on and the wisdom to pray for the forgiveness of thier opressors.

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For safety in our Lord - linda

22 April 2015

Lord Jesus, hold those who are in harm's way, especially because of their their love of you, that they may know your protection, and boldly proclaim you as Lord. Bless them and meet their every need in this war torn world. For Your glory and their good. Amen.

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christians in Africa, Syria, - davehall

21 April 2015

For our recent martyrs. For their families. For safety for the living.

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persecuted Church

21 April 2015

That the Lord may Comfort us, Protect our suffering brothers and Sisters. That the Lord may grant all those who died for Christ Rest Eternal. And Finally that Christ the Prince of Peace may reign in the hearts of all men.

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