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Comfort for unjustice at work (job loss) - Yan

05 February 2016

I have been a scapegoat at work and lost my job. I feel so unjustified at my heart. Could you please pray for me on receive comfort and wisdom at this special time? And please pray God will open other doors and opportunities! Amen

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My grandson, his mother(my daughter ), and me. - Ruth Marit Utnes

03 February 2016

Please pray for my grandson, 25 years of age, who is depressed and tired. Please pray for his mother and me also.
Prayet what the generational curse that is on my family will disapear and never come back.

Thank you in advance.

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Prayer for our parents

03 February 2016

Dear God, please consider our parents who are getting older. I feel guilty because I am so far away and they cannot see their grandchildren... They are worried about me, too, which does not make things easier. They are coping with fatal health issues which is serious in itself...Please protect, guide and heal our parents and we lift them up to you as you are our Father in Heaven. Amen

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A couple in need

02 February 2016

Josh needs guidance to be with ezzie, it must happen for the greater good.

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giving hartfelt thanks and praise to the lord

31 January 2016

thank you lord for your faver on my husband health,thank you for the good outcome.lord I know it was by your grace. praying also for the docter unbeleable kindness for going the extra mile,praying for him and his family for thanks also for my fathers health ,he is much improved.thank you lord for staying with me,praise you for your faithfulness.please help me to stay on track and trusting in only you lord for spiritual wisdom and that I stay faithful to you always.

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Forgiving those that have hurt me - Jonny

30 January 2016

Dear Lord, please help me me forgive those who have hurt me deeply, sometimes causing me to hurt others and for this I ask for your forgiveness, I will do my up most to follow in you footsteps from this day on, please help me with my angry thoughts, I am a sinner who wants to sin no more, but I am just human, all through the bad times I know you have been there,and now it is time for me to return the favour, please help me to help others in some way and help me forgive those who may want to hurt me, I renounce violence. Lord thank you for hearing my prayer, Amen

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A salaried job - IGSS

29 January 2016

I need salaried job. The current job is commission based and does not meet my needs.

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DIVINE TOUCH OF GOD - aanuoluwapo

29 January 2016

I have been held hostage from my progression since 2013. My family, My spiritual life, My Educational career, Everything par taken to me have been stagnant. But I knew that GOD only is the SOLUTION to my LIFE. I need prayers for DELIVARANCE. I know that MY CREATOR will take charge now. I WANT TO BE FREE.

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Children in distress - Julia

29 January 2016

Pray with me for children everywhere who are in distress; those suffering from lack of love, from bullying, from being told they are inadequate. Give us the strength to uphold them and tell them constantly they are children of God. In Jesus' name we pray.

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For Mercy and Favor - Abiola F.

28 January 2016

People of God, I am asking for the mercy of the Most High God to grant my son's team to win this year's hulz prize competition so that the proceed will be used to offset his MBA tuition in Lisbon. Also to pray to God for his brother's application to be favored in the Canadian University for his Masters as well as his fiancee who wants to study for her Masters in Law and by this time next year, they also would be in Canada. All these I ask in the Name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Amen

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