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The Lord's Protection.

29 August 2015

Psalm 23

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praying for young girls in middle east - a mother

29 August 2015

please pray for all young girls who are being repeatable raped and used as sex slaves bi isis,some as young as 9 years old.
praying for world leaders to do more to help.
praying for there emotional healing and safe refuge,dear lord may the know your peace and love during this time .armen

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Peace and Compassion in Africa and the U.S. - Reverenda

28 August 2015

Precious Lord, there is so much violence in African countries and on the streets of the U.S. help us to open our hearts to the refugees who don't have homes or even food. Forgive us for the way violence pervades our culture. Forgive us for raising our children on cartoons and movies filled with violence teaching them to look on it as entertainment.
Melt our hearts with your love that prejudice may be washed away.

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Pray for those effected by addiction

27 August 2015

Praying for my fellow addicts. Those persevering in exercising your will and especially those that have not yet found the path to their recovery by accepting your light into their life. Praying for the communities blighted by the actions of those addicted, and ease the pain of the helpless families who endure the daily torment of watching those they love destroy all around them. Help me promote the message I have received by accepting your light in my life, to live through you and reach all that need help. Amen

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prayers of supplications - Divine Favour Okechukwu

27 August 2015

education,that my dreams will come true, that the promises of my parents to God towards me to be used as his servant will come to pass

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27 August 2015

please pray for my friend who is going through a really difficult praying for peace of mind and for her to know just how kind and caring person she is praying for healing for her and her family.armen

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25 August 2015

My Heavenly Father,

God, thank you for your care and love to me, you guiding me the way, you protect me and show me the right and wrong thing and teach me every area of my life, wash my sin, and protect me against the evil, the devil men and devil women around me. You have done so many good things for me. Your safe my life from crisis, danger, sickness, fear and anxiety, and protect me and help me to pass over all the great mountain. When I have nothing, no money, all my friends, my relative went away, and reject me, you are the only "My God" never forsake me.

Thank You God. Glory of our Almighty God. Let God Arise. Your Kingdom come.

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To God help my Anuty to gat married - Benedict Ogubuike

22 August 2015

Pray to God to help my anuty find her mising rip before this year end

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Thanks to our Lord - Grace Koolmon (Mauritius)

22 August 2015

Lord, thank you for so much happiness that you pour on me everyday. Without you the world will come to an end. Your deeds, Lord, are mighty. You destroyed the darkness that was surrounding me. You talked to me years ago but I couldn't understand until you came to look for me and called me by my name. It was then that I could hear you and trembling with fear and tears, I said: Yes Lord, I will serve you. Speak to me, I am listening to you. Amen

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Bishop Joseph Maker Atot as he travels to Juba - Phil Groves

21 August 2015

Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.I'm traveling tomorrow to Juba,kindly I need your prayers.Thanks and may God be your guard and shield as you go out and as you come in

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