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A creative miracle needed

26 May 2016

Please pray for Jonathan Annicks, Chicago USA, who was shot for no reason and is now paralyzed. He is only 18 years old. A creative miracle is needed so that he can regain use of his limbs. God bless you.

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Healing for my future wife , and that God fill us with love and let us accept his gift of love

25 May 2016

Please pray for me and my Future wife (A.F) that God heal her completely and rebuke the spirit of depression that she have and heal our hearts fill our hearts with much love for each other and allow us to the spend the rest of our live together and get us married and let her receive the love of Christ and open her eyes to see how much she loves me and that he would never take us away from each other as he made it clear and promised we where meant to be together and help us over come the upcoming challenges as one in Christ and cover us with the blood of Jesus please he's a God of love and I love her as Jesus would love her as Jesus loved the church and would spend the rest of my life with her
Thank you.

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Restoration of love - Mehzabeen

25 May 2016

Lord I pray that wasim loves me as he did once.he does not call me respect me or care about me now.his promises seem false. I seek your miracle to chage wasim attitude towards me n make him be more loving caring m respecting cal me everyday and marry me amen

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pray for me - miryam

23 May 2016

Dear Brothers:
My name is Liliana Miryam, please ask you, your prayers daily for me and family, my mom Maria, my nephew Josue,my dad Felix and my brother felix and his family, and 2 sisters rossana and her baby, and nataly and her family, because we have spiritual attacks for 7 years, please pray for me The Lord Yahshua cure us, and take away the bad day from us. and give us more faith, God bless you and light. The Lord Yahweh heals Josue (15 years) looks like 2 years, to enable to speak, walk, grow, and straighten his back, column and bones, and all opposition of demons to his healing goes when I pray for him. The Lord rebukes mind control demon, The Lord Yahweh baptize Josue with his Holy Spirit.

Our Lord Jesus baptize us with his Holy Spirit.and that all my family convert to Jesus.
The mafia of witches leave us of attacking with her witchcraft, oppossition with her demons to our healing, and blessings, perversities of sodom, perversities of animals. mind control demon,
The Lord Yahweh liberates Miryam of perversity of animal sofilia, and mind control demon, that witches attack, and baptize her with his Holy Spirit,

L Miryam C, R
Lima Peru

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my sister

23 May 2016

please pray for my sister for healing she as an alchol related illness,please pray for a speedy recovery.please pray for her human rights and spiritual protection.thank you

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r and g

22 May 2016

relationaship issues I want it to work I don't want arguments all the time , I want peace and a nice friendships

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life - rebecca

22 May 2016

theres something wrong with my life , ive had people say to me you need to sort your life out , im never treated right , im suseptable to being mistreated and not able to stand up for myself in a good way ,ive also got a mental health condition and at the moment my relationships and financies are all not going right and even I am late for work sometimes . things arnt going right please pray jesus heal my life

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Comfort - Kevin

22 May 2016

Pray for my step-mother who is dying of cancer.

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please pray

22 May 2016

problem with parents especially mother , to let go abit and allow me to make my own decisions and not to be so possessive or controlling

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please pray

22 May 2016

attacks and psychological type episodes seizures rooted in loss and rejection , deep hurt to stop completely

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