Press Media Accreditation


This Primates’ Meeting aims to be different kind of gathering, more in the spirit of the first one proposed by Archbishop Donald Coggan in 1978 as an opportunity for “leisurely thought, prayer and deep consultation”. The format of this particular meeting is being driven by a need for discernment and dialogue regarding issues that are negatively affecting the life of the Anglican Communion.

To give Primates the space to exclusively focus on this important time, contact and public announcements will be limited to:

  • Daily Updates, prepared each evening by Primates supported by Anglican Communion Office staff. These will be issued via the Anglican Communion News Service and email. Sign up to ACNS here
  • A press conference at the Emmaus Centre on the final day: Sunday 30 January, 2010. The exact time will be announced closer to the date. Media not in Dublin will be able to access the press conference as a podcast on the Anglican Communion website as soon as possible after its conclusion.

A phone number will be provided to accredited media for any inquiries during the Primates’ Meeting. Any photos taken during the conference will also be posted on the Flickr site here for use by members of the media.


Media Accreditation

Media accreditation is reserved for members of bona fide [1] media companies: print, photo, radio, TV, film, news agencies, and online media [2] and to those employed as a communicator or journalist by a member church of the Anglican Communion. Anyone wanting access to the press conference in person must:

And either:

  • Send a scan of a valid media identification issued by a recognised media association or organisation to or a photocopy to 16 Tavistock Crescent, Westbourne Park, London, W11 1AP, UK
  • Send a scan or a photocopy of a commissioning letter from an editor from a recognised media organisation to or 16 Tavistock Crescent, Westbourne Park, London, W11 1AP, UK.

NB: The deadline for application is 31 December, 2010

Further information regarding the Primates’ Meeting should be addressed to Mr Jan Butter, Director for Communications, Anglican Communion Office. Tel: +44 (0)207 313 3908. Mobile +44 (0)7889400889.


1 Note on bona fide media organisation:

The Anglican Communion Office must be satisfied that the individuals applying for accreditation are bona fide media professionals and represent bona fide media organisations. The ACO reserves the right to request proof of a track record of reporting for media organisations on the Anglican Communion. Media accreditation is not accorded to the information outlets of non-governmental organisations. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis and the decisions of the Anglican Communion Office are final. The Anglican Communion Office reserves the right to deny or withdraw accreditation of journalists from media organisations who abuse the privileges so extended or put the accreditation to improper use.

2. Online media* must also meet the following requirements:

  • The website must belong to a recognised media organisation and have a specific, verifiable street address and a telephone number.
  • The website must have at least 60% original news content or commentary or analysis, including coverage of Anglican Communion and/or its member Churches.
  • The website must be updated at a minimum of once a week.