Anglican Consultative Council - ACC 14 - Ecumenical Greetings


As President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, it gives me great pleasure to send greetings to all those taking part in the fourteenth meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council in Jamaica.

Your reflection upon the Church’s Mission is most timely, for in seeking to discern how practically the Gospel may be preached to all men and women, you are realising the will of Christ that his Church be a truly universal sacrament of salvation. In this endeavour you have the prayers and good wishes of your ecumenical partners. We have a common concern for the Church’s mission, and so must renew our efforts to overcome divisions so that we may bring all people to share in the communion between the Father and the Son in their Spirit of love.

Most especially at this Meeting, the consideration you will give to the Covenant for the Provinces of the Anglican Communion, and the final report of the Windsor Continuation Process, will play an essential part in discerning the way forward for the Anglican Communion in the light of current complex issues.

As one of the four Instruments of Unity of the Anglican Communion, the Anglican Consultative Council has a key role, not merely in virtue of the issues which it considers, but also in the way it helps to reinforce the importance of both primacy and conciliarity within the diverse Anglican Provinces. Your discussions will encompass not mere external links which regulate the lives of respective provinces from outside, but rather the internal bonds that spring from deep within the heart of each individual church, and which are part of its own self definition.

It is my hope that your discussions in Jamaica will contribute to a healing, articulating, and strengthening of these bonds of love that unite the worldwide Anglican Communion. Please be assured of my prayerful good wishes for a fruitful meeting.

Yours sincerely,


Walter Cardinal Kasper