Anglican Consultative Council - ACC 13 - Ecumenical Greetings

Ecumenical Greeting Delivered by the Pepresentative of the Baptist World Alliance, The Revd Proffesor Paul S. Fiddes on behalf of the General Secretary, Dr Denton Lotz and from the President, Dr Billy Kim to the 13th ACC Meeting.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

We are grateful for the recent world-wide conversations between Anglicans and Baptists, which have shown in a new way the unity we have in Christ. These bi-lateral conversations were unique in that they were held in five different continents which helped all of us appreciate the spectrum of God’s grace and of our common witness

to Christ’s love and salvation in very different settings.

The leaders of the Baptist World Alliance are always pleased to meet with

Anglican representatives during the annual meeting of the Christian World Communions. Baptists have always appreciated the ‘bridge’ that Anglicans have formed between the Free Church tradition and the more liturgical churches. We rejoice at the increasing unity that we have with one another, particularly in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In the third world setting where hunger, war and poverty dominate, denominationalism tends to fall away and our unity in Christ and working together becomes more important.

We are grateful for the strong Biblical and ethical positions that the worldwide Anglican communion adopts on many issues, which are an encouragement to Baptists and the rest of the evangelical world.

Our President, Dr. Billy Kim from Korea, joins me in wishing God's

blessings upon you. Many greetings from the community of 80 million

Baptist believers worldwide. May the Christ of All Joy be your strength

and encouragement!

Denton Lotz

To this greeting I would like to add a special greeting from the Baptist Unions and Conventions who helped to host the Anglican-Baptist conversations in the six regions where they were held over the past five years.

That is, greetings from the Baptist Convention of Myanmar-Burma; the Baptist Convention of Kenya; the European Baptist Federation; the Union of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Chile; the Canadian Baptist Ministries; and the National Baptist Convention of the Bahamas.

As I have met with members of these conventions over the past year, I have been very aware that they have excellent memories of the times spent in conversation with Anglican Christians, and especially of the periods of sharing worship and eucharist together. I know that they want to be especially mentioned in these greetings, as you gather in faith and hope from all parts of the world. Grace be to you, and peace from our Lord Jesus Christ.