The Panel of Reference - Members' Declaration

This document has been agreed and signed by the members of the Panel

  1. Confidentiality

    1. I agree to honour the confidentiality of the parties and all documents submitted to the Panel, and not to divulge their content or import, except in accordance with the reference procedures or as agreed by the Chair acting with the consent of the Panel, or by express permission or direction of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

    2. I undertake to avoid discussion of the content of the Panel’s deliberations with parties outside the Panel, other than to offer agreed comment, or to comment on the tenor rather than the content of discussion.  Further I agree not to speak to representatives of the media other than on this basis. I will notify the secretariat of any contact with the media and provide an outline of the substance of the conversation.

  2. Impartiality

    I agree that the operation of a Panel is based on mutual trust and responsibility.  It is therefore essential that I declare the extent of any interest that I might have in the persons or substance of any particular case referred to the Panel, and to act accordingly, or at the direction of the Chair on behalf of the Panel.