The Lambeth Commission - Official Responses

Official Responses to the Windsor Report

 19 November - Resolution of Provincial Synod of the Southern Cone
As a synod we give thanks for the Windsor Report and all those that were committed to its preparation. It offers valuable tools to the Communion with which our serious problems can be addressed regarding the authority of the Scripture, order in the Church and the crisis over human sexuality that two provinces of the Communion have created by taking “rebellious and unilateral actions”.  …More

 18 November - Pastoral letter from the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand & Polynesia
The Windsor Report from the Lambeth Commission on Communion reached the media before the Church it was written for had read it. The debate triggered on the Internet before and after the report's release bears little resemblance to the careful and prayerful process of reception that the Commission proposes.  …More

 8 November - Statement from the Episcopal Church of Burundi
The Episcopal Church of Burundi wishes to express appreciation for the Windsor Report, and to congratulate the Lambeth Commission that produced it. It is an interesting, coherent, and sensitive report that challenges the Communion to dialogue constructively as a way forward.  …More

 20 October - Statement from Primates' Standing Committee
The Primates' Standing Committee, meeting in London, between 18 and 20 October, 2004, received the Windsor Report at the same time that copies of the report were circulated to the Primates at 9.00am prior to its publication at 12 noon here in London  …More

 19 October - Statement from the Primate of All Nigeria
I welcome the sincerity and hard work of those who have prepared 'The Windsor Report 2004'. After an initial reading it is clear to me that the report falls far short of the prescription needed for this current crisis. …More

 19 October - Statement from the Archbishop of Wales
The Commission has worked hard over a whole year to find a way forward for the Anglican Communion. Its membership was drawn from across that Communion reflecting different cultures, theologies and viewpoints but its report is a unanimous one. It was not asked and has not tried to tackle the issue of human sexuality. …More

 18 October - Statement from Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada
This morning I received a copy of the report of the Lambeth Commission on Communion (Eames Commission). The Commission was created by Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams and chaired by Archbishop Robin Eames of Armagh, the senior Metropolitan in the Anglican Communion. Its mandate was to maximize Communion within the worldwide Anglican family despite significant theological differences. …More

 18 October - Statement from the Most Revd Njongonkulu Ndungane
Today is an important day for the Anglican Communion. I want to begin by congratulating Archbishop Robin Eames and the members of the Lambeth Commission for producing such a comprehensive Report in such a short time, and in such testing circumstances. …More

 18 October - Statement from the Archbishop of Canterbury
As you know Archbishop Robin Eames has presented to me the report of the Commission he has been chairing and which was published earlier today. Now that it is in the public domain, I wanted to say a few words as President of the Anglican Communion, on whose future working arrangements of course the report focuses.…More

 18 October - Statement from the Presiding Bishop of ECUSA
I write to you from London where I am attending a meeting of the Primates' Standing Committee. I have had a matter of hours to review the Report of the Lambeth Commission on Communion, thus I will now offer only some preliminary observations  …More

 18 October - Statement from the Most Revd Bernard Malango
I welcome the publication of the Windsor Report. I was privileged to be part of the Lambeth Commission, and despite some very honest exchanges, we were able to come together as a Commission to offer what I believe represents a genuine way forward for the future of the Anglican Communion  …More