The Lambeth Commission on Communion


Background & Supporting Documentation

Background Documentation
ACNS 3633 - A Statement by the Primates of the Anglican Communion meeting in Lambeth Palace, 15-16 October, 2003
ACNS 3450 - The Pastoral Letter from the May 2003 Primates' Meeting in Gramado, Brazil
ACNS 2959 - Report from the April 2002 Primates' Meeting in Canterbury, England
ACNS 2410 - Pastoral Letter and Call to Prayer from the March 2001 Primates Meeting in Kanuga, North Carolina, USA
ACNS 2094 - Final Communiqué from the Primates Meeting, Portugal, March 2000
Virginia Report 1996
Statement issued on behalf of “the Primates of the Global South”
by Archbishop Peter Akinola, November 3rd, 2003
Statement of fourteen Anglican Primates of the Global South


Supporting Documentation
Notes on presentation by Stephen Sykes
Given to initial meeting of the Lambeth Commission, February 2004
Some Legal and Constitutional Considerations
Paper by John Rees, submitted to the Primates Meeting, October 2003
Communion and Autonomy in Anglicanism: Nature and Maintenance
Paper by Norman Doe
Commissioning Commissions: a context for the work of the ABCC and IATDC?
Paper by Philip Thomas
Common Law: a fifth instrument of unity?
Paper by Philip Thomas
Ears to Hear?: why the Eames group will not be debating homosexuality
Paper by Philip Thomas
On Being Excommunicated: what does it mean to 'break off' communion?
Paper by Philip Thomas
Tuning up the Instruments of Unity: structures for Anglican decision-making
Paper by Philip Thomas
Decision-making Process in the communion of the Church
Paper by Mary Tanner
The Journey Forward Together: Reflections on Matthew 5:13-36
Paper Lynlea Rodger
What is the Anglican Communion for?
Paper by Chris Sugden
Reflections offered to the Primates of the Anglican Communion
from Inter-Anglican Theological and Doctrinal Commission
Anglican Conciliarity: History, Theology and Practice
Paper by Paul Avis
Background Information Related to the Decision of the Diocese of New Westminster (Anglican Church of Canada) to Authorize the Blessing of Same Sex Unions
Diocese of New Westminster
Letter from the Presiding Bishop of ECUSA to the chairman of the Lambeth Commission (6 February 2004)
from Frank Griswold
Rite of Commissioning
St George's House, Windsor, 9 February 2004
A Charge from Archbishop Rowan Williams
Petition from Anglican Mainstream in support of the Network
Human Sexuality: A Statement by the Anglican Bishops of Canada - 1997
Other Documents being considered that are not available online
Grindrod Report, Women and the Episcopate, Parts B & C, 1987
To Mend the Net, Anglican Faith and Order for Renewed Mission, Gomez and Sinclair, Ekklesia Society, 2001
Claiming our Anglican Identity, Anglican Communion Institute, 2003