Anglican Cycle of Prayer

Sunday 24-Aug-2014     Pentecost 11
Psalm: 119:81-96    Acts 12:12-19
PRAY for The Anglican Church of Southern Africa The Most Revd Dr Thabo Makgoba Archbishop of Capetown and Primate of Southern Africa

Monday 25-Aug-2014
Psalm: 64    Acts 12:20-25
George - (Southern Africa) The Rt Revd Brian Marajh

Tuesday 26-Aug-2014
Psalm: 65    Gen 25:1-11
Georgia - (IV, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Scott Benhase

Wednesday 27-Aug-2014
Psalm: 66    Gen 25:19-34
Gippsland - (Victoria, Australia) The Rt Revd Kay Goldsworthy

Thursday 28-Aug-2014
Psalm: 67    Gen 27:1-17
Gitega - (Burundi) The Rt Revd John Nduwayo

Friday 29-Aug-2014
Psalm: 68:1-18    Gen 27:18-29
Glasgow & Galloway - (Scotland) The Rt Revd Dr Gregor Duncan

Saturday 30-Aug-2014
Psalm: 68:1-10    Gen 27:30-40
Gloucester - (Canterbury, England) Vacant
Gloucester - Tewkesbury - (Canterbury, England) The Rt Revd Martyn James Snow